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Samsung users, check your camera roll right now?

Are you using any Samsung devices? Then you really need to check your photo gallery right now! Samsung are reportedly sending your photos (any kind) to your phone contacts list!

It is creepy and weird, and that is why, you should try and check it out! The bug isn’t selecting any photos, but randomly sending it from camera roll to all possible contacts in the phone.

Thankfully, it has only been found on FEW Samsung phones! The wrong thing here, is that Samsung is impulsively sending it without your consent! Right now, it affect mostly Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ devices, other Samsung phones are also included! samsung mobile

But How?

Wondering how? It was noted that the photos are being sent via Samsung’s default texting app. Unfortunately, the app does not even show users if the files have been sent.

You can only get to know about it with response / calls from the recipient that the photos were sent to!

How to Prevent it?

To prevent the bug from sending photos to your contacts, you may choose to revoke access to files for the Messages app. Removing Samsung Message’s permissions to access storage.

Recently, something similar also happened with Facebook, where a bug voluntary unblocked over 800,000 users from people blocked lists. Anyways, this companies are providing amazing solutions to this issues!

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