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Despite the Note 7 explosion Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming

After the hype and disturbing challenges of owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, Samsung Mobile Executives are still forwarding their plans on producing a portable Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

It is no longer news that last year 2016, Samsung suffered a lot of losses from the exploding Galaxy Note 7, even after discovering it was Note 7 battery, they have to recall all the Note 7 and create another battery and the case worsen! So without another means of making more safer, they have to declare the Note 7 “Not-Safe and Explosive Dynamites” they also warned their users not to make use of it.

And today, the manager of Samsung has finally confirm that they are going through with the manufacturing of Galaxy Note 8! Meanwhile, we are expecting a lot more effort in the new Note 8 including the specifications

Cause of Explosion; The manufacturer blamed the malfunction on two separate battery-related issues – a design flaw in the upper right corner of the units as well as a welding defect from a supplier, both of which caused the batteries to short circuit and blow up.

Speaking with CNET, the company’s mobile chief DJ Koh confirmed the South Korean manufacturer has plans to unveil a new and improved Galaxy Note 8 later this year, promising to “bring back a better, safer and very innovative” successor to the fire-catching Note 7.

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But despite the explosion, do you know that some Samsung Users has been so loyal by still keeping the device with them even after Samsung orders the discontinuity of Note 7 and offering $100 to exchange your Note 7 with another Galaxy phone.

We realize this was true after Koh further added “the We found through the investigative process, we knew there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers,”

Meanwhile, at this time of publishing this article, Samsung mobile has not released a single statement concerning the specifications of Galaxy Note 8 but it might go with almost the same design with Note 7! Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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