Download Samsung Members App to Diagnose your Galaxy phone

Samsung Members app is a one-stop platform, where you can easily meet all types of Samsung users, also a place where users can easily perform diagnostics to check the condition of their device.

You must also understand that mySamsung, is much like Samsung Members app. mySamsung has officially moved to Samsung members app.

It is no longer news that that Samsung develops many of its own applications and services. And one of them is Samsung members app.

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What is Samsung Members App

It is a handy app designed to help you get the most out of your device. You enjoy great device support and amazing privileges from Samsung.

You will also access exclusive tips and Samsung’s Customer Service experts via one-tap live chat, phone call and much more than you ever expected.

Like we mentioned above, Samsung members app also provided a platform, where you can easily you diagnose the condition of their device.

Samsung Members

Samsung Members App Features

*. Get insider tips to unlock your device’s full potential

*. Easily review device diagnostics

*. Access exclusive events and benefits

*. Pose questions directly to the experts and get 1-on-1 customer support

*. Connect and share with others in the community

*.FAQ: Experience fast trouble shooting, Galaxy specialized FAQ provides descriptions of how to resolve problems with direct links to related setting pages.

*.Ask questions: User question will be answered within 24 hours during business hours (can be delayed by circumstances.)

*. Error report: The more errors have been reported, the better Galaxy will be.

*. Community: Users can share their opinions or discuss various topics freely in this space.

*. Device diagnosis: Users can check the hardware status of their devices as well as optimize device performance by cleaning RAM, storage usage with one touch.

*. A/S center: help to find a service center location and make reservation for needed customers.

*. Membership: Join membership program to experience various benefits for Galaxy users.

Anyways, before Samsung members app could work completely, it requires network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and so on). Additional charges may apply for network connection.

Samsung Members App Permissions

Like every other app, Samsung members needs some required permissions to work effectively and perfectly. You need to allow Samsung Members may not work properly if the permissions aren’t allowed.

You must must allow Samsung Members to the following required permissions to diagnose and fix errors:

*. Phone : Used to call Customer Service and check your phone number.

*. Storage : Used to attach an image or a video when sending error reports.

*. Diagnostic information : Used to create and save error reports.

*. Samsung account : Used to send error reports.

*. Location : Used to diagnose the GPS function.

*. Camera : Used to diagnose the Camera function.

*. Microphone : Used to diagnose the Microphone function.

*. Sensors : Used to diagnose the sensors.

Samsung Members is designed to help you solve problems you come across while using Samsung Galaxy device. To download and enjoy Samsung members app on your Galaxy phone, then you can download the app HERE from Google playstore.

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