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Even after everybody thought that the Note Series would be eliminated due to the Note 7 explosions and fire out break last year! Samsung Mobile is making this year Great, wait, I mean Gr3at!

Fire out break did not stop this year Note Series, Samsung’s mobile chief dispelled those rumors, saying that the company will make “a better, safer, and very innovative” Galaxy Note 8.

But this year code-name for the Note 8 isn’t the same, maybe, the name “Note 7” is cause for the fire explosion, so they decided to name this year “Note 8” as “Note Gr3at”

This rumor is coming from one of Evan Blass who’s well known for his mobile leaks, just tweeted that Samsung refers to the upcoming new phone internally as the “Samsung Gr3at.” Yes, with a “3” replacing the “e.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There are some rumored speculations, which might includes;

*. A built-in stylus
*. A dual lens rear camera
*. A dual-lens 12-megapixel camera
*. A 6.3-inch QHD ‘Infinity’ display
*. A resolution of 2960×1440 pixels
*. No home button.
*. Snapdragon 835 processor
*. Android 7.1 Nougat or Android 8.0 which is Android O
*. 3x Optical Zoom

Launching Date

Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 8 at IFA 2017, which kicks off in Berlin on September 1.

Samsung traditionally launches a new Galaxy Note device each year at the IFA tech show in Berlin, however, the Note 7 was exception which made its debut in New York in the first week of August.

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