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Samsung Chromebook Pro launched with backlit keyboard

Samsung launches another identical variants of their 2017 Chromebook Pro. There is no difference in specifications and features, the only change is the Backlit keyboard.

When a laptop lacks the backlit keyboard, the price surrounding the phone tends to reduces. The backlit keyboard helps users to type a lot more faster and eloquent without making a mistake, as they could see the letters accurately.

The newly launched Samsung Chromebook Pro has the the same design, RAM, internal storage, including other notable specs but the feature that is significantly difference is the Backlit keyboard.

Source: Sammobile

*. Display: 12.3-inch, 2400 x 1600 pixel display
*. Gorilla Glass 3 protection
*. Processor: Intel Core M3 processor up to 2.2GHz
*. RAM: 4GB
*. 32GB of storage
*. Price: $599.99
*. Rotating touchscreen display
*. Built-in stylus
*. 720p camera
*. Two USB Type-C ports
*. Battery: 39 Wh battery
*. Stereo speakers
*. Google Play certification

As noted by Sammobile, Samsung Chromebook Pro is the only laptop that is getting the backlit keyboard but the Chromebook Plus, which is the cheapest, isn’t getting it.

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