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You can now play GIFs on your sleeping screen with Samsung Always-On Display

Always-On Display on Samsung phones is getting more unique as the days goes by. Right now, Samsung just enabled the Always-On Display to show GIFs and it is amazing.

Normally, when your phone screen is asleep or locked, the Always-On Display shows you some important info on either the right / left curved edge your screen based on your settings, it shows you time, date, notifications such as battery percentage and many others.

Anyways, for a more greater show, Users can change the colors, clock style, and other aspects of the AOD to make it feel a little more customized to their own liking. GIFs doesn’t work on the Galaxy S9 / S9+ but ONLY works on S8 / S8+, Note 8 Smartphone.

With the addition of GIFs then that makes it more spectacular. It brings your sleeping phone to live with some awesome GIFs and the good news there is that, you’re also free to use any GIF that’s in your photo library.

samsung galaxy s8's fingerprint scanner

As pointed out by TheVerge, there’s a limit on maximum length and the latest AOD software update doesn’t intend on wiping your battery dry. In order to keep your battery life more longer too, Samsung doesn’t endlessly loop GIFs as you’ll only play once but you can double tap on the GIF to trigger another loop.

How to get the GIFs working; you must update the Always-On Display to the current version Samsung might push the update to its latest Galaxy sooner or later.

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