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Have You Experience the Samsung 360-degree video Website?

The latest feature that all the video supported websites should consider upgrading to; is the 360-degree camera feature. It is quite an interesting platform, which all internet users normally love including me. Youtube has upgraded to the 360-camera feature on April but the weird news there is that, it can’t work unless when you use the 360-Degree camera.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also upgraded to the 360-degree camera. While Twitter has done something like that but it is called Twitter Periscope button. Introducing to you is the Samsung 360-degree video Website, maybe, the Samsung is about coming to war with the Social Media icons.

samsung 360 camera video website

And as Samsung has officially launched its 360-degree camera, it’s also launching a site where you can upload your videos. That is to say, you can now upload your videos on the Samsung new 360-Portal. According to the source, the name of the website is Samsung VR; which replaces Milk VR, that was limited to ‘influencers’ in the VR space.

The app is not officially for everybody as Samsung is naturally limiting the app to its devices, but claims it now offers an ‘end to end’ solution for VR. And the company clearly thinks it can corner an exciting new market. Anyway, lets see how the new website can entice their new and old users.

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