Is this the Largest Mechanical Keyboard from Razer?

Once more, razer is at it again with the introduction of the biggest size of keyboard that is as large as a table. This is really surprising and overwhelming!

Would you love this Mechanical Keyboard big as this? Razer amazed the viewers at the CES 2018 with their intriguing innovation. Recall that they launched a Project called Linda uses Phone as TouchPad.

However,the keyboard was fully functional, with a tactile click and realistic actuation. It even had full Chroma RGB lighting. Props to Razer for thoroughness.

Razer mechanical keyboard

They are so many things you would do with a Mechanical keyboard such as Replying to infuriating commenters, Manically refreshing a website and many more.

For the pricing, sorry, there is no word concerning that and not excluding the launching date too.

Source: TheNextWeb

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