Qualcomm: Snapdragon is no longer a processor but a Platform

Finally, you and me will no longer describe Snapdragon as a Processor, it should be officially described as a Platform according to Qualcomm.

According to the Qualcomm, Qualcomm said Snapdragon is more than just a single component, a piece of silicon or what many interpret as the CPU.

The chipmaker instead sees it as an “anthology of technology” comprised of hardware, software and services – a CPU, a GPU, an integrated modem, a DAC and fingerprint technology, for example – that simply can’t be expressed in a world like “processor.” It’ll now be called the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform.

snapdragon by qualcomm

Qualcomm also said that moving forward, only premium mobile platforms will retain the Snapdragon brand. Low- and mid-range 200 series chips, meanwhile, will fall under the new Qualcomm Mobile name without the Snapdragon distinction.

The company said it hopes the change will help differentiate entry-level and high-volume solutions from their flagship and high-end platforms, thus providing better clarity and expectations for customers.

Qualcomm’s next flagship release, the Snapdragon 835, is expected to show up in Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in the coming weeks.

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