A complete guide on choosing Postpaid vs Prepaid mobile network plans – Comparison

There have been serious arguments on social media, internet and controversies surrounding this topic. What is the actual different between postpaid and prepaid mobile network plans.

It is quite easy to understand the both terms, how they works and many more.

How the payment is done seems to be the biggest difference between the two mobile network plans, how you pay for each of the service is what matters.

Coming down to Nigeria, over 60% of mobile users are on prepaid plans. And you might be wondering, what is the reason, Money is the issue!

The truth is everyone cant possibly be a postpaid customer! But it is consider the best, when you are either spending too much per month, or if you are into business.

Anyways, without further discussion, lets know the actual definition of the both terms, Postpaid and prepaid.

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What is Postpaid plan?

Postpaid plan is a mobile network plan that bills users at the end of each month. With postpaid plan, you will receive the total bill at the end of each month based on your actual usage. This service is better for people with a secured income.

But wait, if you use up to N3000 on a monthly basis, and you are an income receiver, then you are advised to port to Postpaid. When comparing the both plans, Postpaid has more advantages than prepaid plans.

On the other hand, if you use more than N5000 monthly, and you are on prepaid plan, then you are spending too much. You can spend lesser than that, if you are on postpaid.

Right now, mobile networks are dragging customers to postpaid mobile plans, and it is the best!

What is Prepaid plan?

On the other hand, Prepaid plan is a mobile network plan that ensures users to pay for the service upfront. Prepaid users are generally those who do not have major usage throughout the day. Although the plans are cheaper than postpaid plans.

Prepaid plans might be cheaper than the postpaid mobile network plan, but it does not give as much usage benefits as Postpaid. Prepaid cell phone plans, is also known as no-contract cell phone plans. It do not require a monthly contract.

Here on this plan, users can easily prepay to have a certain amount of minutes of access per minutes, days, weeks or months. Thankfully, users can use these minutes at any time, and are available for use until they are used or until they expire.

Prepaid vs postpaid mobile network plan
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Postpaid plan vs Prepaid plan

Prepaid mobile network plans allows users to buy minutes or airtime and use it at any time, with long expiring date. While the Postpaid mobile network plans allows users to pay for their service at the end of the month, and will be emailed the total bills.

Knowing the major differences and similarities between the both plans, lets get to understand each features that is attached or associated to any of the mobile plans.

Customer care treatment

Another experimented experience is the VIP treatment. If you are on Postpaid mobile network plan, and you by any reason decides to visit your network customer care, you will receiver faster and quicker answer to your problems.

A user said “Another thing i enjoy about this service is the VIP treatment I get anytime I visit any of their customer care centres. Even if there are 100 people on the queue, once I show my profile as a postpaid client, I get ushered in straight.”

Why not retract and port to postpaid to enjoy those awesome VIP treatment. When customers are on a queue, and you are ushered in immediately, trust me, others will feel embarrassed and not well attended to. Whereby, they do not understand the little difference.

Recharging your airtime

Prepaid plans work by having you ‘recharge’ your account before you can use it. While Postpaid plans allows you as a user or a customer, to easily makes calls, send messages etc and you will be billed at the end of the month.

When recharging on Prepaid plans, it comes in a range of prices with varying inclusions, and you are free to switch which recharge option you choose every time you top-up. And if eventually, your purchased plan gets exhausted, then you need to recharge your account before you can use these service again.

On the other hand, Postpaid plans are more like an agreement. Where you might chose a plan and every month your mobile network bills you and automatically refresh your plan inclusions on the first day of your billing cycle.

Unlike Prepaid plan, if you use up all of your credit on a Postpaid account, your mobile network will additionally lets you use its services but will be added to your bill total in the next month.

Changing Tariff Plans

If you are on prepaid plan, you can easily migrate and change to another tariff plan with easy steps, and guidelines. But postpaid plans users are not given this choice, they change or migrate to another plan, but it is not as easy and quicker like the other.

Fortunately for prepaid plan users, this is where they have more power and advantage over postpaid users. Prepaid users enjoy the flexibility of changing their tariff plans as and when they wish. While Postpaid users will face little issues when changing.

Cost and Payment effectiveness

Prepaid mobile network plans are way cheaper than the Postpaid plan, but users on Prepaid plans are advised to watch the expiration date of their package, and they can easily recharge their mobile phone sim card at any time.

Postpaid plans are not cheaper, slightly costlier but it is effective and it promotes more usage benefits than the Prepaid plan. Postpaid plans can’t be stopped, and it doesn’t have any expiration date. Even at the end of the months, if you fail to pay immediately, your telecom might extend the time frame a little bit.

Check this considerations out:

Looking for plan fits your budget? Go for Prepaid plan, it is the best choice.
Which is suitable for business? Postpaid plan.
Looking for plan that you really don’t disturbance from the telecom? Go for Postpaid plan.
I use more than N3000 per month? Go for Postpaid plan.
I use N1000 per month? Continue using Prepaid plan.
Fear of package expiration? Go for Postpaid plan
Data roll over? Both offers this!

There are some other choices and ideas, you need to consider when choosing any of the either mobile network plans. Be it prepaid or postpaid mobile network plan, it all depends on your choice, requirement and how you frequently use data, voice and other network service. Thankfully, all Nigerian network offers the both plans!

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