Fero Royale J1

Unfortunate news: Fero mobile is leaving Nigeria markets

One of the fast growing Smartphone company in Nigeria, Fero Mobile, has indecisively forget the Nigerian markets, leaving for a much more greener pasture, which will hopefully be an impeccable spotlight. Fero mobile is an affordable phone maker and distributor in Africa, and Nigeria. They

Latest Fero Phones and Price-List | List of all Fero Phones!

Fero mobile is rising as one of the fastest growing Smartphone brand in Nigeria, and some countries in Africa. Fero mobile device are integrated with soft and trending features, especially their Royale Series. We will review the top Fero phones. Although, they are bunch of

Fero Royale J1

Fero Royale J1 mobile phone – Specs and Price

Fero Royale J1 Android Smartphone is among the first in the company’s Royale series. The Smartphone comes with a realistic small display, less powerful battery capacity and considerable processor. The company is known for introducing Smartphones silently into the markets, and it is worth the

Fero Mega LTE

Fero Mega LTE Smartphone Specs and Price

Fero Mega LTE Android Smartphone is the soup-up variant of the Fero Mega device. Like the name, it comes with LTE network for faster browsing and downloading of files at a higher uplink. The Fero Mega LTE is only available in Blue color, which is

fero aura series

Fero A5500 comes with 3G, 1GB RAM and 3000mAh for N27k

Among the Fero Aura series, the A5500 is the biggest and it arrives with larger screen display, but still pack some similar specs and features like other mobile phones inn the family. The Fero A5500 Android Smartphone is also the most expensive among the Aura’s.

Fero A5002

Fero A5002 Smartphone comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage

Fero A5002 Android powered Smartphone arrives with a unique stylish design, but it is a low-end device with 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and runs on Android Marshmallow with a powerful 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor to make the most of everything. The company, Fero Aura series

Fero A5000

Fero A5000 with poly-carbonate design is what we don’t see!

Fero A5000 Smartphone is definitely not a 2018 Smartphone but with the stylish-fashioned design, that looks shiny, flashy and crafted in a unique and sensible expression, you’ll definitely fall in-love. The specs on paper is quite humdrum, like-wise the massive bezels on the top and

Fero A4502

Fero A4502 Smartphone costs just N18,500 but lacks 4G LTE

Fero A4502 is another Smartphone that is currently on the markets that offers flashy design, single back camera, with massive battery capacity but runs on Android Marshmallow, and comes at an affordable price. The Fero A4502 purely aims at Africa, Asia esp Nigeria’s budgeted markets,

Fero A4001 Plus

Looking for a cheap N14,000 Smartphone? This is Fero A4001 Plus!

The Fero A4001 Plus comes with a low-end specs and features, but it is cheap and affordable. The Fero A4001 Plus arrives with a 2500mAh battery capacity, which will definitely take longer time before powering off. Fero A4001 Plus screen display is massively smaller but

Fero PACE 2 Lite

Fero PACE 2 Lite with 4000mAh battery and fingerprint but no 4G LTE

Fero mobile are slowly overtaking the Nigeria budgeted Smartphone markets and they are quietly becoming a serious competition in the economically priced affordable market. Say hello to Fero Pace 2 Lite! Fero Pace 2 Lite is the smaller variant to the standard PACE 2! The

Fero vibe

Fero Vibe is a cheap Android Go Edition Smartphone with 1GB RAM

Fero mobile announces another mid-range Smartphone with the latest and trending specs, you can find in recent Android powered Smartphones. This is the Fero Vibe mobile handset. The newly launched phone arrives with 18:9 aspect ratio, although, there is the slightly upgraded 19:9 or 19:5:19

Fero Royale A1

Fero Royale A1 with 5000mAh battery and 1GB RAM

Fero Royale A1 is a 5.0-Inc Smartphone, with 1GB, 8GB internal storage and runs on Android 6.0 OS, features a back 8MP camera, front facing 5MP camera, Dual SIM 3G, Gold and Space Grey color options, powered by a 5000mAh battery capacity. The Fero Royale