Probably, Our phones might arrive with more extra lenses!

At first, we had the Single Camera lens at the back but later on, things moves up too quickly when phones debut the Dual camera settings and boom, Huawei brings on the P20 Pro with Triple-Leica camera lens, which takes flashy pictures, shot amazing crystal video than Google Pixel 2 XL and it turns out that, our phones may need more camera lens.

Its quite surprising to find out that our phones are getting more camera lens as the day goes by. Probably, this was what Huawei thought before introducing the iconic phones. Maybe, more camera lens might be the new thing in 2018 or 2019.

Experiments with cheap add-on lenses was done on iPhone giving it an extra lens and taking conclusion from the observation, the result was perfectly clear that we might need some lens. add-on lenses just like Fish-eye fits on top of your phone’s existing lens but it helps to shoot some better photos and video.

Example: Image cuddled from TheVerge,

add-on camera lens
Ztylus Switch 6 fisheye lens LEFT and Moment 2nd gen superfish lens RIGHT

You clearly see the difference, the add-on lenses were brighter and of course, sharper. The best add-on lens to get is from Moment and it costs around $90 – $100, which is a lot more expensive than others costs around $8 – $12. Most times, cheap stuffs accessories are also amazing to get.

One day, Rajiv Laroia who loves taking some pictures with his iPhone and he actually loves it at first, but later, when presence in a photographic mode and frustrated by the result, the Light chief technology officer and co-founder, who owns a DSLR and expensive lenses, came up with an idea of putting all camera lens and making it more smaller and pocket-able device.

How about the Light L16 camera that features 16-camera at the back? It is surprisingly but is this a competition for Mobile phones or for a perfect DSLR camera?

The 16 lenses on the L16 allows you to take amazing shot and then it chooses a combination of 10 or more of its cameras to fire simultaneously based off how much you’ve zoomed in. The L16 stitches the individual images into a single photo with a resolution between 13 and 52 megapixels.

Light L16 camera

A lot of Smartphones out there comes with dual front facing camera, Galaxy A8 Plus, Vivo V5, Huawei Nova 2S, HTC U11 Eyes, and users have confirmed it to be the best front camera for Smartphones. Probably, we are actually looking at the future of having more camera lenses.

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