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Like it or not but Palm Handset is coming back on Verizon

News or not but Palm handset would be coming back to the phone business sooner! Nokia 3310 mobile phone debuts a full come back to the business industry and since then, we had had a series of other phone’s come back or on its way!

Chines device maker TLC has made plans to bring back the nostalgic feeling of the Palm handset. TLC is a licensed company that tried or had success in bringing back Blackberry phones, so right now, they wants to put their ideas or technique in something that might work.

If you could recall the Palm handset acquired PalmSource for US$324 million by Access and in 2018, TLC in combo with Verizon will launch this first Palm-branded smartphone in the second half of the year.

Palm handset

And sorry, it won’t run webOS but Android. We can’t wait to see the Palm handset from long-time Palm partner Verizon, who are in collaboration with TCL. A Palm handset running on Android OS isn’t yet confirm anyways.

How do you see the Palm handset come back?

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