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WhatsApp disappearing messages adds 24hours and 90days options

The instant messaging app, WhatsApp officially increases its time limit for one of the platform’s best features – Disappearing Messages. Right now, WhatsApp Disappearing Messages now adds two extra time limits – 24 hours and 90 days options. WhatsApp disappearing messages were first announced around

3 Best Apps to Recover Deleted Files from an Android SD Card2

3 Best Apps to Recover Deleted Files from an Android SD Card

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They have almost replaced MP3 players, cameras, pocketbooks, and even notebooks. They store tons of useful and necessary information. You definitely do not want to lose photos from your birthday party or important business notes. Yet,


How Much Is Money Circulating In Bitcoin?

After the setup of the white paper plan in 2008 finally in 2009, Bitcoin was launched. The developer was unsure about accepting the changes that would occur in the New Era after blockchain technology and virtual currency. However, the positive thoughts and regards they introduced


Price of Netflix Games on Android, iPhone, and iPad – How to play

Netflix Games has finally been released for iPhone and iPad, after releasing them for Android previously. Starting tomorrow, it will also be available through the Netflix app globally. However, Netflix Games don’t appear in Kids’ profiles. Earlier this year, Netflix announced that they will begin