Spend today and Get It back with Glo Free Tomorrow!

This is really awesome and great, the last time, it was Mtn, Airtel and Now it is Glo! Looks like Nigerian Telecomm wants to start their competition once again, Yes, I really love it! As I was just surfing the internet maybe searching for the

Innjoo Launches Innjoo Halo and Innjoo Fire Pro!

It is everywhere, it is nowhere, every blog has it, every social network has carried it, so it is no news again that Innjoo has finally launched their New Innjoo Hao and Fire Pro. But there is one thing that makes it special, there is

Get Your Windows 10 Ready Now Using this 2 Simple Steps

It is no longer news that Windows 10 has been released online for free download and upgrade, but it is very sad that most people don’t see the brighter side of windows 10. So tell me why you should not upgrade now, one of the

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD

SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD card – Review

Micro SD cards are very common in a range of different devices including smart phones, cameras and video recorders. The main purpose of having an SD card in your device is to increase the storage space of the device. In addition to increasing the storage

Konga Celebrating 3rd Year Anniversary with Whooping Amazing Prices

Hurray, Konga is celebrating some kind of Birthday Giveaway at a whooping price. Don’t know whether Jumia would be celebrating theirs but what actually caught my attention is the giveaway price. Konga is not just celebrating the Konga Third Year Anniversary but also it is

All You Need to Know About #Selfie Picture

At first, if somebody says to me, “Hey, guy i want to take a selfie” guess what i would say within me “what is the meaning of selfie” and the reply i usually give to them is “yea, go ahead” But thank God, one certain

How to Pay Your CanTv Subscription Bill Online

I was using GoTV, but it does not have what am looking for…. I want to watch LIVE football matches, but it is not found on gotv network! And the worst part is that the networking is hanging. Well, I did my research and found

Download Android M Prime Launcher – Best Launcher!

The latest Android M launcher For both Android lollipop and Kitkat.As we all know that Google released android M developer Preview on Google I/O 2015 with lots of new features in it.Just download Android M launcher app from here and enjoy. Features of Android M

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop

Laptop buying guide – 10 Things to Consider before buying a

In this 21st century, it seems everything is done online. Well, except making babies. The demand for laptops has increased so drastically. In 2010 over 50 million laptops were sold. If you were opportune to see the laptops sold in 1995 you wouldn’t even spend

Innjoo one Review – Top 3 Innjoo one Android Smartphone to Buy

Innjoo one of the famous electronics manufacturer from China based in United Arab Emirates. The Chinese company’s first attempt to tablet line-up of devices after unveiling their affordable smartphones, i1, i1s and the firm’s 2014 flagship handset powered by Octa-Core processor, the late Innjoo i2.

How to check your Airtel number with USSD code

How to check your Airtel number with USSD code

It is quite a shame that most tech website doesn’t know how to check the Airtel data bundle and especially Airtel number. Although, when I was surfing through the internet, to be precise, I was looking for the latest news concerning the nations, until, this