Diamond Yello Account Recharge & Mobile Banking

Today, we are introducing to you, Diamond Yello Mobile Banking. This form of banking is when you can stay at home and perform some transaction without the help of any other third party. Keeping up with your accounts has never been easier! Sign up for

Eco Bank Mobile Recharge & Mobile Banking In Nigeria

Today, I want to officially introduce to you the latest Mobile Banking. Eco Bank Plc has begin their Ecobank Mobile which gives you convenient, secure banking at your fingertips. If you are an account holder with Ecobank Nigeria, you have access to a variety of

Nigerian Banks Ban Credit and Debit Card Use Abroad

If you are a Nigerian and you are outside probably, studying, financial business or some kind of other important issue then this News is really a bad one for you. The Central Banks of Nigeria has successfully implemented the new policy for 2016 that anybody

GTB Virtual MasterCard for Internet Banking

Many people today, goes to bank to get a Master Card especially for Physical Use like ATM and many other things but today, they is a new use of Virtual Master Card for Banking. We are introducing to you, today, what is GTBank Virtual MasterCard

how to capture video on PC

Movies That Last A Lifetime: How To Capture Video On PC

Precious moments are temporal but with today’s technological advancements, creating memories is easier than before. With so many ways to create movies, clips and snapshots it is hard to tell which software is the best. When you want to capture a video on PC, it

All You Need to know about E-banking In Nigeria

Today, I will be showing you the ultimate reasons, why you should use E-banking in Nigeria. We will not only give you one reasons but we will do our best and give you up to 5 good reasons. E-banking is an aspect of banking that

Innjoo Flex 2-in-1 tablet has been launched

Innjoo is one of the most trusted company in Nigeria and today, they have launched their own Innjoo flex tablet have it being that infinix zero 3 has just be launched today in Ikeji. This new Innjoo tablet that is around the corner comes with

mtn logo

Airtel Launches New Weekend Data Bundle

Airtel wants to rule the internet with its data bundle and they are really going with it. Although, MTN, GLO there to counter attack them. In a recent news about Data Bundle, Mtn just introduce 3GB For N300 as Weekend Data Plan, which works for

Infinix Zero 3 Specs and Price in Nigeria – Order #hero3logy Now!

Infinix are really trying in their own term in producing world best class smartphone especially in Nigeria. From Infinix Zero to Infinix Zero 2 and now, Infinix is shaking the internet with another great smartphone known as Infinix Zero 3. We recently published a rumored


Fast/Cheap Payment for Konga Online Shopping – KongaPay

This payment gateway is designed to enable Konga customers pay seamlessly on the site. It eliminates the need for customers to enter their card details each time they are making purchases online. All you need to start using the KongaPay service is an active local

List of What an OTA (Over The Air Smartphones Can Do!

It is obvious that the world of today is now being loaded with different smartphone. Different people love using smartphones be it blackberry or Android. Most time, it is best used with smartphone for business! Even up to till tomorrow, I think Smartphone will never

Outkitel K4000 is just like a Hammer-it breaks walnut!

The newly launched Android smartphone is just like Hammer, it breaks so many things just as shown in the picture below. The android smartphone is called OUKITEL K4000. And also the price for this phone is;- N24,000 OUTKITEL K4000 is a 5.0 inch Android 5.1

Pepsi Launched Their First Android Phone Named Pepsi P1

Some might be asking, is it the pepsi we know or some other company? This is really crazy! There is no doubt that technology is taking all over the world, all that is expected of us, is for us to follow and study the world