List of What an OTA (Over The Air Smartphones Can Do!

It is obvious that the world of today is now being loaded with different smartphone. Different people love using smartphones be it blackberry or Android. Most time, it is best used with smartphone for business! Even up to till tomorrow, I think Smartphone will never be out of the line although, the version of today … Read more

Spend today and Get It back with Glo Free Tomorrow!

This is really awesome and great, the last time, it was Mtn, Airtel and Now it is Glo! Looks like Nigerian Telecomm wants to start their competition once again, Yes, I really love it! As I was just surfing the internet maybe searching for the best news that I would encounter today, but something caught … Read more

SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD card – Review

Micro SD cards are very common in a range of different devices including smart phones, cameras and video recorders. The main purpose of having an SD card in your device is to increase the storage space of the device. In addition to increasing the storage space having an SD card fitted is also useful because … Read more

YouTube launches YouTube channel Newswire to promote the eyewitness videos

Popular YouTube service together with the news Agency Storyful announced three initiatives designed to support the distribution of video news from eyewitnesses of the events. It is noted that in the modern world people often become eyewitnesses to various events, both joyful and tragic. Due to the wide spread of mobile devices, people are recording … Read more

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