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Opera integrates VPN feature into its Android browser app

Opera’s Android VPN is back for everyone. In April 2018, Opera officially discontinued the service of offering the VPN as a standalone app, which was also available on iOS.

But in 2019, Opera brought back the VPN to Android. But it didn’t arrive as a standalone app, but was built right into the heart of Opera’s Beta Browser for Android.

Since, it is no longer a standalone app for Android, then you’ll need to launch Opera’s browser to have access to the VPN.

Before you quickly download and install the latest app from Google Playstore, Opera warns that your internet speed may be affected by routing your traffic through the service.

We basically know the ultimate uses of VPN, but one of the main aim of Opera‘s VPN service is to make it harder for websites or ISPs to track your internet usage.

Opera Android VPN

In additional to that, and to ensure your data is completely secured, they promised not to hold or log information that travels through the service.

Another important feature, is allowing you to manually choose which continent you want your virtual location to be in. However, an automatic ‘Optimal’ option is the default, you can also specify when exactly you want the VPN to apply.

The Opera’s VPN for Android can also be used for web pages that are opened in private tabs, and you can also choose to disable it when your access search engines.

The Opera VPN allows users choose from three servers and you can choose to bypass the VPN for search results.

Understand that the feature is currently being rolled out in the beta version of the app. It is still remains a mystery if the feature will arrive in Opera iOS browser.

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