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Top Online Stores in Nigeria – Online Shopping Mall

Today, we will listing the best top online stores in Nigeria that everybody needs to know. Online stores in Nigeria are the best place, you can buy things and get it delivered to your house door.

An online Store is an ecommerce business that allows the buying or purchasing of goods or services online, Online stores allows users to make purchase and make payment with their credit or debit card for any item listed on the web store and these items get delivered to their home.

Online Shopping is the act of purchasing products or services over the Internet it is also known as E-Commerce (electronic commerce). Online Stores allows consumers/customers to place orders or buy goods or services from over the Internet using their phones or computers.

List of Online Stores in Nigeria – Best Online Stores in Nigeria


S/N Online Stores in Nigeria Website Category
1 Adibba General
2 Afriqbuy Phones & Gadget
3 Ajebo Market Fashion
4 Alabasta Box Gadgetss
5 Alo Naija Fashion
6 Amaget Computer and Gadgets
7 Auto Box Auto parts
8 Baffs Boutique Fashion
9 Bajeiid Group Gadgets
10 Bambiano Fashion
11 Bellevista Computer and Gadgets
12 Best for less Fashion
13 Hair of TimKins General
14 Big Ben Pools Beauty products
15  Bigben Pool children pool
16 Bland2glam Female Fashion
17 Blessing Computers Electronics, Computers and phones
18 Bolar Market Groceries
19 Brandnubians Fashion
20 Brief Essentials fashion
21 Bubbles Online General
22 Buga online General
23 Buy wise General
24 Charis Computers Electronics
25 Computer Village Phone & Gadgets
26 CSAT Computers Computers
27 Curtis Fashion Female Fashion
28 Daxtech Computers, Phone & Gadgets
29 DB Shoes & Bags http://http// Fashion
30 Dealdey General
31 Deeski Groceries
32 Delphi Metals Accessories
33 Deluxe General
34 Denaki Lingerie Female Fashion
35 Dhaveena Stores Groceries
36 Dream care Beauty products
37 Drinks Drinks
38 DSCL Phone & Gadgets
39 Easy Shop Computers, Phone & Gadgets
40 Edify Me Fashion
41 Edosys Fashion
42 Elmo Kiddies Fashion
43 elpina Plaza Electronics
44 Emtab Interiors Furniture
45 Enterssol Computers, Phone & Gadgets
46 Eshop Fashion
47 Eshoppaz Electronics
48 Eureka Electronics
49 Exodus Fashion
50 Fash And Savv Fashion
51 Fashpa Fashion
52 Fastforward Store Fashion
53 Femtechit Computer and Gadgets
54 First To Shop General
55 Fragrances Perfume
56 Futwia Shoes
57 Gafunk General
58 Giddimint Fashion
59 Gidimall General
60 Girly Essentials Beauty products
61 Gloo Groceries, household and Beauty products
62 Gr8buy General
63 H-Com Computer and Gadgets
64 Hair Connexions Beauty products
65 Hells Fashion
66 Hobby Hubart Fashion
67 Horlah Deals Fashion
68 House of Lunettes Fashion
69 Huntella Phone & Gadgets
70 Hybrid Store Computer and Gadgets
71 iBid Computer and Gadgets
72 IEX Games Games
73 Ink Mart Printer & Accessories
74 Jaramall Groceries
75 Jumia General
76 Just Consoles Games
77 Kaka Phones
78 Kasabeso Beauty products
79 Komo Online Fashion
80 Konga General
81 Kowry Home Appliance
82 Kravex Games
83 Kshoppy Computer and Gadgets
84 Lag Market Groceries
85 Lait essentiel Beauty products
86 Lamisol Gadgets Phones
87 Latush Fashion
88 Laurel Place Beauty products
89 Lowcart Phones
90 Mauxy General
91 Microstation Computer and Gadgets
92 Miji Fashion
93 Mofeera Fashion
94 Momas Online Fashion
95 Mumtaz Fashion
96 Mygizmo Store General
97 Mystore General
98 Nicole and Giovanni Fashion
99 Ninostyle Fashion
100 Obiwezy Computer and Gadgets
101 Ojashop Fashion
102 Okay Fones Phones
103 One2One Computer and Gadgets
104 Onilu prime Computer and Gadgets
105 Orijo Deals Fashion
106 wholesale Market Computer and Gadgets
107 Osarmoire Fashion
108 Parktel Online Phones
109 Parkway Computer and Gadgets
110 Party Supplies Party Supplies
111 Pawiny Computer and Gadgets
112 Payport General
113 PC Planet Computer and Gadgets
114 Perfume House Perfume
115 Pet Mata Pet foods
116 Pinky Bolar General
117 Chuvie Wall Papers
118 Pointek Online Computer and Gadgets
119 Power HQ Computer and Gadgets
120 Prodigital Computer and Gadgets
121 Quest World
122 Rapid BTS Computer Accessories
123 Regal Buyer General
124 Revive Phones Phones
125 Ringo Online Computer and Gadgets
126 Ritelink Computer and Gadgets
127 Rotcome Online Computer and Gadgets
128 Bajeiid Group Computer and Gadgets
129 Selebrity Online Fashion
130 Shaayo Drinks
131 Shopdirect
132 Silverbach tech Computer and Gadgets
133 Smart Buy Computer and Gadgets
134 Smart Shop Computer, Electronic & Gadget
135 SNT Collection Fashion
136 Suretrends Fashion
137 Taafoo Fashion
138 Taries World Beauty products
139 Techmall Computer and Gadgets
140 Byge Collections Fashion
141 Party Shop Party Supplies
142 Timeless Watch
143 Zimpact Computer and Gadgets
144 Tiwa Naija Fashion
145 Top Down Deals Games
146 Traclist Fashion
147 TS Studioz Fashion
148 Trendy Cubicle Fashion
149 UberChic Ville Fashion
150 Watch Locker Watch
151 Watch haven Watch
152 Wazobia Computer and Gadgets
153 Wisdom Books Books
154 Yakora General
155 Zabadne General
156 Zabethel Fashion
157 Zeta Shop General
158 Zima Fashion Fashion

Although, we are all aware that Konga, Jumia, Kaymu are the top best selling Online stores in Nigeria that comes with good reputations. So buying from them are really comfortable and you will be securely assured!

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  1. Its nice seing BHF Royale Hair at #13. We are proud that you guys have appreciated our work for the past 6 years. However, BHF Royale Hair have rebranded to Hair of TimKins. This name represents us better and the new project we would like to pursue.

    Thank you

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