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Alibaba’s Singles Day Sales Hits $25.3 Billion – New Record!

In a recent record breaking sales, that doubles the sales of 2016 both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Alibaba’s Singles Day sales hits $25.3 Billion. Chinese people also spend more money online than Americans. Firstly, it will be important to note that, the US

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet colors

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet launched and priced at $150 USD

For a $150 USD, you can get one of the most fastest Tablet from Amazon! It is really weird to get a portable and impressive tablet for such a cheap price. Introducing to you is the newly launched Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet features a


List of Top Online Shopping Stores in Kenya – Trusted Sites

Online Shopping in Kenya has all of a sudden become a thing of the present instead of the past. Back then, majority of people are afraid to say the word “I want to purchase a laptop, smartphone, dress, shoes, cloth, television etc online” but now,

360 degree camera

Price of 360-degree Cameras – Best 360° Cameras in Nigeria!

One of the major features that most iPhone and other devices are planning on launching is the 360 Camera features. Meanwhile, most online social media website has launched their own 360 Camera features, meanwhile, many are planning on launching it. Any 360-Degree Cameras Capture Everything


eBay Rumored Coming to Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana?

Finally, eBay who closed down all the IP of Nigerians -that is to say, if you are in Nigeria and you want to visit eBay, to see their products or buy from then, automatically, the website will close down because they see Nigerians as Scammers.


List of all Yudala Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria

Yudala Nigeria is another best and trusted Online stores in Nigeria. The Store is packed filled with a lot of products ranging from different set of electronic items, like Phones, Tablet, PC, Televisions and other equipment to clothes and the rest. So also shopping from

Konga Gadgets Deals now On! 50% on SmartPhones & Laptops

Konga Nigeria is here once again, introducing another Whopping Discount for all Android Smartphones on their Online Mall. The Konga Gadgets is here once again –Are you looking for a new Phone? New Tablet? New Gadgets? New Refrigerators? New Televisions? New Laptops? New Washing Machines?

Get FREE Delivery from Jumia Nigeria Today!

The Number One Online Shopping Mall in Nigeria known as Jumia Nigeria, who has expanded their service to Kenya, Egypt, Ghana and many more other African countries. Jumia are also known for their cheap delivery fee! Who Are Jumia Nigeria? JUMIA is an e-commerce startup


Grab Your Ntel 4G LTE Sim Card Here

Currently, Ntel Nigeria wants us the Nigerians to gain their Sim card with paying a fund. To get started in the new Ntel Data Tariff bundle plan. So today, coming in from the officials of Ntel, you are hereby, announced to the general public that

Jumia Launches Express delivery in Lagos – Same Day Delivery

One can say Jumia is following Konga while another can say vice versa. But after Konga has released their One day Lagos Delivery, Jumia Nigeria just followed! Finally JUMIA Introduces Express delivery in Lagos! Konga also did same thing! In their post, they denied that

How to Whiten Your Teeth Under Few days

Teeth is one of the main and essential part of man that makes him/her to smile at every possible chance although many doesn’t care about the looks of their teeth, they just smile and that’s all. Today, we will be giving you some best ways

Top Online Stores in Nigeria – Online Shopping Mall

Today, we will listing the best top online stores in Nigeria that everybody needs to know. Online stores in Nigeria are the best place, you can buy things and get it delivered to your house door. An online Store is an ecommerce business that allows