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Nubia want you to have a wearable smartphone bracelet

Nubia announces it wearable Smartphone at IFA 2018. And it looks promising and impressive, firstly to watch and secondary to expect. Lets make welcome to nubia-α (Nubia Alpha) concept wearable Smartphone with flexible OLED screen display technology!

Nubia is ZTE sub-brand Chinese company that launched the Red Magic gaming Smartphone in April. But the new stunts from the Asia company will spark an undoubtedly stand and establishment in the business. Wait, you wants a smartphone tied to your wrist?

Of course, it looks more like Smartwatch but the nubia-α is offering much more. Although, as of this time, we have limited leaks and features. Apart from customization using themes, and 4G LTE network. It might come with music playback, pedometer, sleep tracking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, find my phone app, heart rate sensing.

Nubia alpha

There is the proximity sensor that determines the orientation of the wearable smartphone. The wearable device looks more like a smart bracelet, but every features of Smartphone are embedded and integrated into the device. Like making and receiving calls.

But Nubia isn’t the only company with a wearable handset, Lenovo flexible screen display watch came into limelights sometime ago. But ZTE’s Nubia new wearable device is coming in Q4 of 2018. Pricing is still unknown! You can watch the concept video below:

Ni Fei, General Manager of Nubia Smartphone, said, “We see the future of mobility as a large canvas for us to paint on to represent the best of ideation from our design labs. The Nubia Alpha brings the company’s innovative smartphone features and professional mobile photography functions in a wearable format that perfectly complements one’s bespoke lifestyle and raises the bar in innovation and versatility for a mobile communications device.”

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