Ntel WAWU Sim gives you 10GB and 500% bonus on Data

It is no longer news that Ntel is now available in almost all the shops in states nationwide. And you can get it without stress and of course, you really don’t need to pay enough to have one for yourself.

Being the first network to gives us pure 4G LTE in Nigeria, Ntel are once more bringing another interesting promo / bonus that will shake you up. This works for new ntel sim cards.

The new Ntel promo is called “WAWU Sim” that gives you 1GB on buying and activation of the sim card valid for 48Hours (more like timely data) then to enjoy more data and bonuses, you have to register the sim in any Ntel outlet within your area.

Upon registration, you will receive 10GB valid for 30 days and then 8k/sec calls to all networks for one year across the nation with 500% bonus on all data plan purchases for one year. This is incredible!

ntel wawu sim

When you are about to get the sim, you will receive two new sim card, one is for the Pre-loaded 1GB for 48hours and the other is for the 10GB which is valid for 30 days (month) and you will also receive 1000 naira for calls too etc.’

On the 500% data bonus, when you activate N500 for 1GB, you will get 6GB while N1000 for 2GB will gets you 12GB and so on and so forth.

And also, you will enjoy unlimited 2 days night plan N500. Unlimited 7days night plan for 1500 and 30 days for N5000.

So you have the best data plan promo at your finger tips, just get a new activate it and then later, complete the registration to enjoy the full package!

Update: Ntel has also introduced the 12GB data plan for N1000. And with 2000, you will receive 24GB valid for one month. That is mouth-watering right?

But, it still has to do with the new ntel sim card. Visit any nearby Ntel outlet and register for new sim and in the next 12month (1 year), you will enjoy seamless data browsing with 12GB for N1000.

Note: The offer is expected to end on 30th of April. But it has been postponed!

Note: The Ntel Wawu 10GB / 12GB for N1000 is no longer working.


  1. hi admin, am actually a new subscriber, please how can i sub for 10gig data online and pls what plan am i going to choose cus i cant find 10gig for 1000

  2. Okay. so how do i recharge now. I have the line and the initial 10gb is about to expire. How do i get the 500% offer.

  3. Hi, I got both sims yesterday. I exhausted my 1gb bonus and I don’t know how to subscribe for the 10gb plan. Is there a code I av to press?

  4. And there’s no network on the sim too ATM. Pls fix this. Thank you

  5. hello admin pls how can I knw the ntel 1gig and 10gig promo before buying it plsss

  6. wen it the promo ending please

  7. wen it the promo ending please

  8. Hello admin if i used the first exhausted the first sim with 1gig will i insert the second sime for the 10gigs don’t understand thanks

  9. Hello admin, if i exhausted the first sim with 1gig will i insert the second sim for the 10gigs don’t understand , and how do pay for subscription is it a recharge card or how,finally does this works on mobile phones

    • Hello Temmy, I believed you receive two sim cards, one for 1GB and the other for 10GB. After exhausting the 1GB, insert the sim card of 10GB. You can pay via their official website or visit quickteller to complete the payment, ntel works for Mobile phones with 4G LTE network.

  10. Please i like to know if this promo is still on

  11. Hello Admin, is this promo is on , just learnt of it , I’m interested

  12. Hello bro I got the two Sims buh the 1gb is showing no network and the other working perfectly

  13. pls where can I get the sim to buy

  14. I just bought my own sim but unfortunately it did not work on my phone
    pls I need help
    my phone has a 4g connection and it is an android 6.0
    its a coolpad

  15. It is still on, I just activated a new ntel SIM and I got the 12GB for N1,000. May God never let them remember to end the promo in Jesus name

    • Lols, I pray so I can get mine too.. I just heard of it today from my friend.. I don over sleep since sha… Lori titi Oloda

      God bless Ntel

  16. Hello, i got the 10gb free data and N1,000 airtime, i want to subscribe for the 12gb data but am seein N500 for 1gb, N1,000 for 2gb, on ntel app cos i have there app on my phone! I can’t fine 1k for 12gb! Please help

    • Hello Yemi, you are definitely, on the right track. Subscribe the N1000 for 2GB, this will gets you 500%, which is 12GB!
      Please, your feedback would be highly appreciated!

      • Hello Admin. I got the SIM last month, I’m trying to resubscribe. I logged on to quickteller.com/ntel to try and resubscribe but now I’m confused of which option to go with that would contain the 10gig bonus. Is it with the Bolt-on standard plan or Ntel-mini bundle plan? Both plans are 1000 naira

  17. Chukwuma Lawrence oriaku

    Hello FBL admin what of old users can they still get the 10g for 1000?

  18. Hello Admin… Is the promo still on?

  19. I’m using infinix note 4 and my wife is using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I wish to ask three questions. One is, is the network working on all 4G android phones? Two is the Data sharable with friends? Then pls is the promo still on?

    • The promo is still on and yes, it works on all 4G LTE Smartphone and three, you will have to purchase the Ntel Mi-FI, it will allow you to connect different devices at a go.

  20. I’ve read the entire thread. Thank you admin for taking time to respond to each question. Thanks for doing a great job here.

    I have a ZTE universal Mifi

    My question is, how do I configure the ntel SIM to work on the Mifi?

  21. Admin, a friend of mine who just purchased a new ntel SIM said the 12GB for 1k will run for 1 full year. How true is that?

  22. Plz admin I bought the sim yesterday and registered it. But today I can’t use it because it’s showing emergency calls only and my phone is 4g enabled. Plz what do I do?

  23. Hello Admin. I got the SIM last month, I’m trying to resubscribe. I logged on to quickteller.com/ntel to try and resubscribe but now I’m confused of which option to go with that would contain the 10gig bonus. Is it with the Bolt-on standard plan or Ntel-mini bundle plan? Both plans are 1000 naira

  24. Hello Admin..I have exhausted my 23gig data and would love to do the 2000 naira for 24 gig data plan but I couldn’t find anywhere to do it..please help

  25. Hello I have a spectranet mifi. Please how do I confirm the Ntel sim to work on it ?

  26. Please where can I get the sim to buy. I reside in Lagos, Ikeja precisely.

  27. Does the Ntel SIM work on Gionee A1 lite???
    Please reply admin

  28. Hello admin, can i still get the WAWU sim?

  29. pls hw can i activate d 2500 sub fr wawu sim

  30. Please admin how much is the SIM card and where can I get it, I stay around Mushin

  31. hello admin please i will like to confirm if the WAWU sim promo is still on

  32. hello admin, I’m an old subscriber and would like to partake in the wawu bundle. do i need a new sim or can i change the bundle plan on my old ntel sim?

  33. I purchased the ntel sim and I have used the 12gb on in but I still have 1k airtime inside and my friend said I could convert it to data. Have tried but I couldn’t so pls can you help a brother here?

  34. Hello Admin,
    I was given just one sim instead of two has instructed by ntel. Right now I av exhausted my data, but I still have 1,000 showing in my account. How do I recharge to get 10gb or 12 as the case may be?

  35. meaning if i receive the two sim
    i will have to isert the two inside my device or one of the two sim cards is the perfect one

  36. I am having issues with subscribing . I am trying to buy the 2gb to give me 12gb but its saying that I dont have airtime to do so. But 1 paid 1000 to get the sim. What will I do now. Am I suppode to recharge again to be able to subscribe? I thought I will subscribe with the initial 1000.

  37. I purchased the ntel sim and I have used the 12gb on in but I still have 1k airtime inside and my friend said I could convert it to data…… is it true ?

  38. Helo Admin….please how much if the ntel mini wifi?

  39. I got this sim, but it doesn’t work on my Gionee A1, but my phone is 4g enabled. What could be the issue.?

  40. Is the wawu sim promo still on?

  41. where can i get ntel wawu sim in mushin

  42. Delaw.
    Admin where do i get this 4G LTE Notion MiFi and it is more affordable for family usage!…though i dont knw if it will work at my side…Sango Otta…i reside

  43. Hello, admin what can i do i got the sim but , i have not recieved the 10gig its been 3 days now thanks

  44. Good mrng admn, pls i want you to direct me how to subscribe for 12gb

  45. Hi MR, pls are u guyz still gives the 12Gig on the promo???

  46. Hello, I bought the Wawu SIM card for #1000 but was given one sim, after exhausting 2gb I have not been available to browse and I can’t access the myntel page…it’s really frustrating

  47. I bought my NTEL SIM two weeks ago, finally they activated it last week, I browsed for the first day, the next day, I couldn’t, they’re showing me I don’t have data.
    Please what do I do.

  48. I just bought a new sim today… I noticed it just a single sim, it’s not wawu… Can I migrate to wawu? I think the agent has deceived me

  49. Hello I lost my ntel number and I can’t log in to the dash board, how how do I get to know my ntel number, since I lost it

  50. I subscribed to the 2gb plan using my airtime but am only seeing 2gb isted of the 500% bonus wich is 10gb
    Pls help

  51. I have bought the WAWU sim twice but none ever worked till today . I just received a message after a month that my sim has been activated , so I decided to do the registration on myntel.com.ng but it is not working till now

  52. Can the data/sim be used on android phone.

  53. Hello I went to Ntel office to get Wawu sim they said isn’t longer available, can I still get it please

  54. Am not sure if the wawu plan still works…. Its like the promo has ended

  55. Hello, i live in Ota, Ogun State. i want to know if the Wawu sim will work in Ota. Also, where do i get it and lastly, i heard that the Wawu sim has been suspended, is that thefact?
    Thanks in anticipation of your swift response.

  56. Am an old customer and my ntel sim is not working anymore, can I buy a new sim and enjoy the 12gig on the Wawu sim.

  57. Hello, this Ntel wawu Sim is not available anymore. I checked yesterday.

  58. Hello Admin,
    My wawu sim is still working, though i recaharged last December.

    Wanted to know whether the data plan has change or it is still the same

  59. I’d like to know where at Abuja i can purchase a wawu Ntel sim card, how much it would cost as well. Where are the Ntel branches at Abuja located as well.

  60. how can I buy the ntel SIM

  61. Hi, please I want to know if this promo is still on and if not, what is the process of getting an ntel SIM presently and if any promo is available now

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