How to buy Ntel data plan and airtime on myntel

Ntel 4G LTE network in Nigeria is fast and secured. It allows one to surf the internet on different and various data bundle without hassle and offer more incentive bonus, where you can even get 12GB for N1000.

At first, customers or users can purchase Ntel data plan and recharge or top-up their sim card, with airtime online via Ntel official website ( but now, it is now simple and short with and voucher recharge.

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Buy Ntel Plan from Quickteller

The company is now advising everyone to purchase both data, voice and subscription via Quickteller. Here is how to complete that:

1. Go to

2. Enter your phone number

3. Select the Ntel Plan

4. Enter your credentials and confirm.

How to buy Ntel data plan online

*. Firstly, go to
*. Log in with your number
*. Go to the right tab, (buy voice/data bundle of your choice)
*. Choose any of the Ntel data plan from the top bar
*. Choose to buy from Account balance or Pay Online
*. And click on Proceed
*. Confirm and proceed
*. Then enter your necessary payment details.

ntel top up account

How to top-up your Ntel SIM online

To top-up your Ntel sim with airtime, either online or via voucher recharge, you can follow the below steps and guidelines;

*. Firstly, go to
*. Log in with your number
*. Go to the left tab, (airtime Recharge & top-up)
*. For the online recharge, enter amount
*. For the Voucher recharge, enter 16 digit voucher pin
*. Click on Proceed / Recharge
*. Confirm and Proceed
*. Enter your payment details and that is all.

How to check Ntel account balance

You can also check your Ntel account balances online too. Check either Ntel data plan balance, Ntel voice balance, Ntel airtime balance and Ntel sms balance.

Still on, log in and then click on Check Balances, it will display all your Ntel balances online. Now, you can top up your Ntel SIM and purchase Data plan for more browsing and surfing of the internet.

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  1. Kindly adjust your top up options. Enroll with banks to help your customers have more options of stopping up! Your site won’t allow and sometimes quickteller site goes down and people are left stranded without internet. Customer care line isnt going through… c’mon mehn! This is annoying!

  2. I am unable to get the site . This makes it impossible to buy or subscribe online. I hate to go to an agent office to do this


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