This is the Ntel Notion MiFi, it is a wireless hotspot for all devices. It acts as a mobile hotspot for everyone and can reach up to few impressive meters for faster browsing connection.

As explained here; MiFi Router is a portable wireless device that provides 3G and 4G Internet connectivity for Smartphones, PC and many other devices and gadgets out there but unlike the Ntel 4G LTE MiFi, this Notion MiFi provides connection both for 2G, 3G and yep the 4G LTE.

They both looks alike, with major identical similarities and slight differences. For instance, the MiFi Router features 1800mAh battery capacity but the Notion comes with 1000mAh. The MiFi Router uses a Qualcomm chipset but the Notion MiFi uses Marvel chipset. And many others.

The Notion MiFi can only be connected to 10 devices at a go while the other offers browsing connection for 15 device. Another is the beautiful design on the Ntel Notion MiFi, it looks more beautiful and easy to hold. Not just 4G LTE connection is accepted, there is the 2G and 3G data connection too.

Where to Buy and Price of Ntel Notion MiFi

Anyways, the company is offering the Ntel Notion MiFi for an attractive pricing and it is currently available for purchase.

You can get the device for a N3500 price and it is currently available for new customers only. But the Offer is activated when you subscribe for the ntel Unlimited Monthly for N17,500.

ntel Notion MiFi

Ntel Notion MiFi Router

*. LTE Spectrum Bands: 3 and 8
*. LTE Category: Cat4
*. Size: 100 × 63.5.0 × 15 mm
*. SIM Size: Standard SIM
*. Chipset: Marvel
*. WiFi Protocol: 802.11b/g/n/ac
*. Mimo: 2×2
*. Storage: 1 micro SD Slot
*. VoIP: Yes, Using apps like WhatsApp, Viber etc.
*. Battery: 1000 mAh
*. Max. Wi-Fi connections: 10
*. Security: WPS Enabled

As always accredited to mobile MiFi router, they are always portable and easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. Of course, the Notion MiFi is different from them. It has a slightly curved corners with the company’s logo embedded on it.

You need your newly registered ntel sim card to activate this offer promo. After one month of unlimited data offer, you can push forward and subscribe to any data bundle plan of your choice.


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