Ntel 4G LTE 0804 Network Service Goes Live

Ntel Nigeria is gradually taking the internet and they are gradually coming back to their world. Maybe, sometime later, I will be publishing a post titled “Ntel Cheap Data Bundle” or one of those.

Ntel 4GLTE is going Live Today. With this type of test going on, we are going to absolute sure that Ntel Nigeria may be the most advanced 4G network in Africa. Although, we are still looking up to them.

We want to migrate from this 3G bondage, Ntel Nigeria is coming to take us away from 3G Egyptian to 4G promise Land, where different things, we be happening. I surely can’t wait to be there.

We want it, it is going to be amazing… The Ntel live experience is going to be extremely crazy, we are going to be crazy. All you have to do is to reserve your sim card and watch how life is going around!

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