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Nokia X is coming back but with a huge difference

After launching the Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 (2018), Nokia 8 Sirocco in a standard version and customized variants, which is specifically meant for their customers, Nokia is preparing to launch the Nokia X Smartphone, probably, in 27th of April.

An unknown Nokia device under the model number TA-1099 passed the CCC certification in China. And of course, this is time Nokia X was officially leaked in China that is scheduled for 27th April.

The advertisement shows two phones crossing against each other to form the letter ‘X’ inside a movie theatre in China. The Roman figure X stands for Ten, that said, it looks from little aspect, that the popular iPhone X now have a competitor or maybe, it is just speculations.

If Nokia is bringing back the Nokia X, there is no need to panic or become eccentric surprised. After all, the company has brought back picturesque mobile phones but with major upgrade. This is also coming for Nokia X!


Nokia X – Rumored specs

*. Display: 2.5D curved display
*. Design: Curved metal edges
*. Processor: Snapdragon and MediaTek varieties
*. Storage: 64GB of storage
*. RAM: 4GB or 6GB

If turns out to be true then don’t expect a high-end phone but a mid-range, this speculated according to the model number TA-1099, that passed through the CCC certification.

In MWC 2014, the company launched a Nokia X phone, which was the first Nokia-branded smartphone running Nokia X platform 1.0. But, you may want to know that, this upcoming Nokia X is really different!

Remember, we are still expecting the Nokia 9 Smartphone too. Stay tuned, as we will continue to update this page for more information.

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