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Nigerian Idol Registration Form for 2019 – Online Application Form

The last episode of the show, Nigerian Idol was won by K-Peace. With the Nigerian Idol, the participants can win huge sum of money that will propel them to the next level of life.

On this article, we will explain every details concerning the Nigeria Idol Show, how to get yourself registered, how to purchase the form, the audition centers, and the requirements.

Nigerian Idol registration for this year, will begin soon. And the applicants can easily complete their registration without having to pass through stress and others.

What is Nigerian Idol all about?

The Nigeria Idol is a reality TV show that creates a platform for any body with superb talent to showcase their singing gift to the entire world to see.

The Nigerian Idol is a talent show for young upcoming stars, and it is a singing competition which is designed to search for young talented people who live in Nigeria.

Nigerian Idol is basically for for those people who have talent in singers to create an atmosphere for them to explore their talent. If you are interested, then you can read more to understand.

It has seasons, episodes, to top ten, runner-ups, and then winners. It is a thrilling shows that raises mind up, and hearts, and everything comes in anticipation.

Nigerian Idol Registration

Facts about Nigerian Idol

Nigeria Idol show started with its first season in 2010, the 50th anniversary of the country with the tagline Live Your Dream. Accept No Limitation.

The shows has long started, they have been different stunning seasons, different thrilling episodes, devastating eliminations, awesome top ten, magnificent runner-ups and sumptuous winners!

Auditions were open for every Nigerian between 18 and 28. The first season went on air in October 2010 and is shown on 15 different channels all across Africa.

There have been four following Nigerian Idol winners to date: Mercy Chinwo, Moses Obi Adigwe, Evelle and K-Peace. In 2012, the hosts are Tiwa Savage and IllRymz.

What are the Requirements?

For Nigerian Idol, there is a age limit for the anticipated participants. However, the show is only open for people within the ages of 16 and 28 years.

That means, if you are not up to 16 years of age, you cannot participate. And if you are more than 28 years, then you are not permitted to be among. Other includes:

1. Open for people within the ages of 16 and 28 years

2. Applicants must bring the following ID:
a) Birth certificate
b) Driver’s license

3. Not allowed to come with child below 5 years

4. Dresses with crested designer name is prohibited.

5. You must bring along with to the audition venue the wristband given to you on the registration day

6. Applicants must a citizen of Nigerian by birth

7. Applicants must reside in Nigeria

8. Any former participants are not allowed.


The Nigerian Idol comes with 4 cities where auditions are done. The following are the confirmed audition cities for Nigerian Idol registration form.

1. Port Harcourt

2. Abuja

3. Lagos

4. Enugu

How to Register

The registration for the show is simple, all you have to do is to follow the below instructions:

1. Go to Nigerian Idol registration portal at

2. Enter your details at the online application form

3. Enter your personal details

4. Forward your name with the preferred audition location to 5599 from an Etisalat Nigeria line only. (N100 per SMS)

5. After completion of registration, you will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox.

Understand that the confirmation SMS in your inbox, is what you will have to present at the audition venue. That is all.

Nigerian Idol

How to Contact Nigerian Idol

Nigerian Idol has different contact form, you can either contact them via any of the following portal:

*. Youtube: Contact them HERE.

*. Facebook: Contact them HERE.

*. Twitter: Contact them HERE.

Are you ready to show the world that you are indeed a true talented singer, then you can get started on how to begin the registration. We will keep you updated! Stay tuned with us.

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  1. Pls my name is favour shine, i am so interested in participating in this years nigerian idol, pls sir/ma, notify me on how to get started, pls i plead.thank you.08026296113

  2. Please inbox me
    My contact 08054521952
    I’m great in singing and dancing let me show the world what talent really looks like but i need your help to achieve it… So please notify me… Thank you…

  3. 1. My mother couldn’t give me my birth certificate, I think it got damaged before she died but I have Affidavit of birth sworn in the court. Can I use that?
    2. I will get my driving license next year (2020), so can I apply this 2019 without the driving license?
    Please kindly read and give me feedback.
    Thank you.

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