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Nigerian Banks Ban Credit and Debit Card Use Abroad

If you are a Nigerian and you are outside probably, studying, financial business or some kind of other important issue then this News is really a bad one for you.

The Central Banks of Nigeria has successfully implemented the new policy for 2016 that anybody who is outside Nigeria can no longer use their Automated Teller Machine cards (ATM) for any positive and negative purpose anymore.

This is too bad. What about the students outside, what about those that are traveling for business and they do make use of their ATM card, what of those that always pay for hosting?

atm credit card

This are questions that Banks in Nigeria should consider before they try to implement the policy. Immediately, it was announced students who are studying abroad has no other option than to protest but no banks, no fg said anything about it.

However, the policy has been officially being implemented on the 1st of 2016. We have to live with it. We have nothing to say but many to loose. If we protest, they will still be silence, although, it is worth trying.

Federal Government said that they wants to remove the corruption in Nigeria. If they really wants to, then they should try and track down all the politicians card as a start instead of attacking both the innocent ones and others.

Others might ask what about Paypal? Yes, that is a good question but the problem there is that our Paypal account is also connected with our Nigeria MasterCard, but if you have outside Paypal account, Better!

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