Nigeria is one of the greatest nation in Africa and it jammed packed with various network service providers. So, if you are wondering, which network you are using, then it is time to check it and confirm it.

In Nigeria, we have up to 9 different network providers and they offer both data and voice plan while the other only allows voice only plan, it is basically for calls, that’s all.

Here is the list of all Nigeria mobile phone network service provider number prefixes;

Airtel Nigeria Number Prefixes

Mobile OperatorPrefixes
Airtel Nigeria0907
Airtel Nigeria0708
Airtel Nigeria0802
Airtel Nigeria0902
Airtel Nigeria0812
Airtel Nigeria0808
Airtel Nigeria0701

MTN Nigeria Number Prefixes

Mobile NetworkPrefixes
MTN Nigeria0803
MTN Nigeria0816
MTN Nigeria0903
MTN Nigeria0810
MTN Nigeria0806
MTN Nigeria0703
MTN Nigeria0706
MTN Nigeria0813
MTN Nigeria0814
MTN Nigeria0906

GLO Nigeria Number Prefixes

Mobile NetworkPrefixes
GLO Nigeria0805
GLO Nigeria0905
GLO Nigera0807
GLO Nigeria0811
GLO Nigeria0705
GLO Nigeria0815

Visafone Nigeria Number Prefixes

Mobile OperatorPrefixes
Visafone Nigeria0704
Visafone Nigeria07026
Visafone Nigeria07025

Smile Nigeria Number Prefixes

*. 0702

Mult-Links Nigeria Number Prefixes

*. 07027
*. 0709

Starcomms Nigeria Number Prefixes

*. 07028
*. 07029
*. 0819

ZoomMobile Nigeria Number Prefixes

*. 0707

Ntel Nigeria Number Prefixes

*. 0804

9mobile Nigeria Number Prefixes

Mobile NetworkPrefixes
9mobile Nigeria0909
9mobile Nigeria0908
9mobile Nigeria0818
9mobile Nigeria0809
9mobile Nigeria0817

Be very much aware that, we will continue to update this list, whenever a network introduces a new number prefixes for their business!

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