Google Planning on Killing Password Logging on Android Smartphone

Speaking at the company’s I/O developer conference, Google, wants to stop users from using Passwords to log into their Android Smartphone. Google wants to kill off passwords for logging into your Android smartphone. Even after Windows Phone fell down into unlimited doom, Google is about

Best Emoji Ever – Download the Naija Emoji on your Android

   Emoji keyboards are now widely acceptance in all nations, countries, states and here I am introducing to you the latest and funniest Emoji from Joshua Tutu. You can download the app from itunes or Google Playstore. Following the controversy in Nigeria, Emoji Naija just

Free WPS Office 2016 Personal Edition – For All Devices

        WPS Office 2016 Free is a powerful office suite which includes a word processor, a spreadsheet program and a presentation maker. These three programs can help you easily deal with office tasks. Office task for example such as: *. Writer – Efficient word processor

BlackBerry Priv. Now Testing Android Marshmallow

It is no longer news that Blackberry is kind of low in update and social media application like Whatsapp couldn’t bear it and social media sites like Facebook threatened to discontinue unless they update. And that is what they are currently doing now, not only

Let’s Welcome 5G Network! – Bye to 4G Network

I think it is time to say goodbye to 3G and also to the upcoming 4G that is actually a more bigger one and we don’t need it. Yea, people have been surprised because we have not even tested the 4G network to our satisfaction

netflix nigeria ng

Netflix is Now in Nigeria – Watch Netflix Now in Nigeria Chill!

Netflix is now in Nigeria. Netflix is currently an American video-on-demand platform. You can sign up with your Nigerian Naira card and get the first month viewing free. But Nigerian has to know that Netflix has been launched in 130 different countries even including Nigeria

how to capture video on PC

Movies That Last A Lifetime: How To Capture Video On PC

Precious moments are temporal but with today’s technological advancements, creating memories is easier than before. With so many ways to create movies, clips and snapshots it is hard to tell which software is the best. When you want to capture a video on PC, it

All You Need to Know About #Selfie Picture

At first, if somebody says to me, “Hey, guy i want to take a selfie” guess what i would say within me “what is the meaning of selfie” and the reply i usually give to them is “yea, go ahead” But thank God, one certain