China’s Sunway TaihuLight

China’s Sunway TaihuLight is the New World’s Fastest Supercomputer

China is at it once again -Introducing to you the latest item from China, its the New World’s Fastest Supercomputer called China’s TaihuLight. According to the TOP500 list, the Sunway TaihuLight is now the fastest system in the world, this information is based on twice-per-year

Download Videos from Youtube by Adding Magic to Url

You Can Stream Live Videos on Mobile Youtube

Youtube is at it again. They have successfully introduce Livestreaming Features to its mobile apps so content creators can broadcast video straight from their phones. Although, it is kind of surprising that one of the biggest Video Platform took along time to update their website.

paris attack

Gonzalez sues Twitter, Facebook, Google over Paris Attack

Due to the Paris Attack in France, the Giant Social Media’s known as Facebook, Twitter and overall Google has been sued to court, saying that they knowingly ‘aided Paris attacks’. They were sued by the victim families. Reynaldo Gonzalez’s daughter, Nohemi, was among the 130

netflix nigeria ng

Watch Netflix on your iPad while using other apps

Remember back then when Netflix got into Nigeria. Today, you can now watch the Netflix streaming videos on your iPad while using other apps. Just get the Netflix going then you can open whatever app you feel like using at that particular Time. Although iOS

ios 10

iMessage for iOS 10 will Change the iPhone Texting Mode

At the Apple WWDC, various and different updates were launched but the iOS 10 was what caught the eyes of everyone. Although, most of the features were taken from Android operating system. Meanwhile, the iOS 10 is the best operating system for Apple phones. And


Official: Yahoo Messenger is shutting down for a New One!

It is now official, the popular Yahoo Messenger has been announced by the Yahoo team that on the 5th of August, they will officially say goodbye to their longtime 18years Yahoo Messenger on Desktop. The Yahoo Messenger allows you to instant message with anyone on

ios 10

Apple WWDC 2016 Launch iOS 10 – Apple Latest Operating System

After the long awaited Apple Latest Operating system -iOS 10, has been officially launched. Happening at the Apple WWDC 2016 Live, they have officially launched the iOS 10, smarter Siri, revamped iMessage and more. The conference starts today June 14th, 2016 AT at 10.30 pm

samsung mobile 5g

Samsung to Launch 5G Wireless Network – Already on the S8

It was Huawei that initiated the 5G research project in 2009. While in the following years, Huawei’s 5G team has been continuously contributing its exciting breakthroughs to the development of 5G industry, that is the world’s first sub-6 GHz 5G prototype. Samsung Mobile -who are

72 New Emoji Coming to Android Phones from Unicode 9

Android Mobile Smartphones will be launching more Emoji sooner or later in 2016 either this June Ending or by the end of this Year alongside with the Naija Emoji, Bible Emoji and the popular Stephen Emoji. Emojis have changed the way we talk to each

Download Stephen Curry Emoji – Steph Curry Launch Emoji App

A point guard for the Golden State Warriors NBA and a social media Legend, who has followers more than 20 million fans –Stephen Curry– today, has launch his Emoji App before the Finals! And NBA’s Most Valuable Player for two years in a row, Steph

instant messaging

Facebook Lite & Palmchat Reaches 100 million Users!

Download the latest version of Palmchat today and find love everyday. Through Palmchat, users would be able to access friends and other things on any kind of phone, tablet and computer. Truecaller app has also reaches 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. By March,

Download Bible Emoji for OS and Android Apk version

Get Ready! Maybe, sooner or later, we will upgrade this Website to Emoji Format! Probably, before the end of this year. Freebrowsinglink will be upgrading their words format i.e Emoji pattern. To be frank with you, I am kind of taken unaware, when I set

Dell Launch P4317Q 43-inch Ultra HD 4K Multi-client Monitor

This is really awesome. Dell is taking the technology into another different phase and this time, they have launched a wonderful Monitor that can be divided into four different screen, hence, reducing the labor of work efficiently. The divided screen works well. That is to

Google Planning on Killing Password Logging on Android Smartphone

Speaking at the company’s I/O developer conference, Google, wants to stop users from using Passwords to log into their Android Smartphone. Google wants to kill off passwords for logging into your Android smartphone. Even after Windows Phone fell down into unlimited doom, Google is about