Android 7.0 Nougat

This is the Most Popular Operating System in the World! Not MicroSoft

No, it is no longer Microsoft! What are your guesses? Yes, it is the Android Operating System! Right now, Android Beats Windows to Become World’s Most Popular Operating System! After some few battling with the former operating system champions, Google Android has finally be crowned

self driving car

Google Self-driving car team left the Job for one crazy reason

Every company in the world wants to keep their hardworking workers in a good situation by increasing every standard of their life, so that, they could be able to participate and perform very well, in their roles in the company. Any big business that wants

android smartphones guide

Google flagged 25,000 Android apps for malware for safety

Oh yes, this is coming straight from the Google! It is official, Google are really trying to get Android Smartphone into safety as they flagged over 25,000 Android apps. According to Google, each app is scanned for malware and other exploits before being listed on


Google always removes Billion Pirate Search Results Yearly

This is one of the most amazing news of the time. Humans always use the Google search to check for Keywords that are not healthy to the society and to a particular company and according to Google policy such keywords could be taken down. Google

Did you know that; ɢ & aren’t the same?

On seeing this, most people will definitely not believe it. But it is actually real and rare. For sure, ɢ & are not the same! Take a look at your unless you can head down to, possibly falling into some dark internet side

google testing internet speed

Google testing internet speed tool in search results

Google is testing their own internet speed in your search results. Now making Ookla and other speed test apps to be less active. The Google testing internet speed tool is still on testing mode but you can also try it out. So if you want