Google is removing 100 bad ads every seconds

Violations of policy is a serious offense in any organization and Search engine Giant, Google is currently targeting any user who frequently fail to comprehend with their policies or T&C. Today, Google says, they are removing 100 bad ads every seconds. Anyways, Google says, they

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How to use Gmail Undo Send feature on Android

Google Gmail for Android is getting smarter as the day goes by but this time around, this is Gmail Undo Send feature. Note that this particular feature has been available for iOS since 2016. Few days ago, Google unveiled the new Confidential mode on Gmail

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Gmail Confidential Mode comes to Android and iOS

We all noticed the awesome and huge design renovation from Google on our various Gmail account early 2018, well, Google is back to give us something more spectacular but this time, it is for Android phones. Gmail Confidential Mode comes to Android and iOS. This

Google ONE

Google One wants you to store more in its cloud storage with cheap plans

This is Google One, and it is now available to everyone on the internet. Google’s cloud storage will be rebranding with improved and advanced cloud storage pricing plans, 24/7 technical support, which will be available even to non-premium subscribers. Google’s drive storage plans will change

Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 10 Q is another hard name to guess!

After the wait, Google announces the name for their latest operating system, it is the Google Android Pie. It wasn’t that hard anyways, after all, they have been following the food trend to get names for their OS. Probably, guess the Android 10 Q might

Android Pie

Here is the Android 9.0 Pie – Everything you should know!

Finally, the name has been revealed. It is the Android 9.0 Pie and will be available to Google Pixels phones today. Meanwhile, things aren’t much difference. Other phones brands will be receiving theirs within few days. Android Operating System (Android OS) would be getting smarter


Why was Google fined $5B by European Union?

Every now and then, we see various companies dragging themselves to court for infringement, law violations, or form of producing their likely products without authorized permission and many more, but this Google $5billion fine by EU might decide the fate of Android OS! EU had

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Google invests $22m into KiaOS – noticing the trick?

Feature phones with KiaOS are getting new future Once more, the tech giant won’t be in any competition with features phones that runs on KiaOS. Gradually, feature phones with KiaOS are rising up, taking most of the market sales, even, struggling with Android phones in

Google Lens, an AI in your camera that identify object

You can now download Google Lens app on Playstore

A welcoming news; but doesn’t work on all devices Finally, users are now allowed to download Google lens app on Google Playstore as a standalone app. Sounds great and it is a welcoming development. Google recently launched the app exclusively to its playstore. At first,

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It is time to receive the overwhelming Google’s new Gmail design

The Gmail old design is phasing out and here is the new Gmail design! Spectacularly, Google would be updating the old Gmail design with the amazing and good looking new Gmail design. The new design sparkles a lot of beautiful thoughts, features and affirmative confirmation

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Google launches AR app that lets you draw on the Air

AR is becoming a thing of reality. Ebay just recently launched a new AR app that enables users to pick their products easily. Meanwhile, on the web, there over 50 apps that support AR features. Well, Google just launched a useful app called Just a