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New Nigerian driver’s license price for vehicle plate numbers

The Federal Government of Nigeria recently announced a change to driver’s license pricing in the country. With the new introduction, prices of driver’s licenses change from the previous price, and these new prices will take change driver’s licenses effectively.

With the price hike taking place effectively, a statement from the Joint Tax Board noted the new prices, and the decision for the increment was taken at the 147th meeting of the JTB, which was held in Kaduna on March 25.

The Joint Tax Board also mentioned that the new driver’s license pricing affects all year duration, including motorcycle/tricycle and many other sectors. The new pricing excludes bank charges. You can learn how to renew FRSC driver’s license here.

The Joint Tax Board stated that the three years duration would now go for N10,000 as against its previous pricing, N6,000, and driver’s license of five years duration would now go for N15,000 from its previous pricing, N10,000.

On the other hand, the motorcycle/tricycle driving license of three years goes for N5,000 from its former N3,000 while the five years now goes for N8,000, which is up from the previous N5,000.

While the private and commercial number plates would now go for N18,750 as against the old rate of N12,500. Fancy number plate which was N80,000 is now N200,000; motorcycle number plate is N5,000 from N3,000 while articulated number plates (three plates) attract N30,000 from N20,000.

For these rates, the minimum increase is 50 percent. Out-of-series number plate has also been revised to N50,000 from N40,000 while government fancy number plate is N20,000 against the former N15,000 rate.

A letter by the JTB titled ‘Implementation of the revised rates for vehicles number plates and driver’s license in Nigeria’, dated July 30, 2021, and signed by the board secretary, Obomeghfe Nana-Aisha, has directed various federal and state agencies to commence the implementation of the rates.

The letter reads

“You may wish to recall that at the 147th meeting of the Joint Tax Board held in Kaduna, Kaduna State on March 25, 2021, the board approved revised rates for the sale of vehicle number plates and driving licence in line with the recommendations of Appraisal and Technical Committee of the JTB.

In the light of the foregoing, we wish to inform you that the Chairman, JTB, has approved Thursday, August 1, 2021, as the commencement date for the implementation of the new rates.”

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