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How to migrate to MTN Zone Plan and Benefits

This is the, MTN ZONE Tariff Plan. The new tariff plan is a Prepaid tariff plan from MTN which allows MTN Subscribers to make cheap calls or get call discounts based on their location.

You might be wondering, how can you display MTN Zone Discount on your Mobile phone? This is so simple and short. The method on how to display thee MTN Zone discount on your own Mobile phone is easy, all you have to do is to visit your text message settings and create broadcast service with channel number 50.

After which, you can go ahead and put it on and you are set to get discount information on your network base on the zone you are.when you are about to make call, you will see how much you are going to be charged per seconds. the mtn zone helps you save money on calls.

How to Migrate to MTN zone plan

To migrate to MTN zone plan and enjoy those amazing benefits, you can easily dial *135*1# and you will receive the confirmation of migrating to MTN Zone. The Activation is once-off and MTN Zone is free to activate and de-activate.

The above or below migrate codes works perfectly for Ugandan and South Africa, it is also known as MTN Holla Zone! However, in Nigeria it works for some and it looks like MTN has deliberately removed it from our tariff service list.

– Registration code: dial *135*1#
– Plan Menu: dial *135#
– Tariff Plan: dial *135*2#
– Tariff Rate: dial *135*3#
– Cell broadcast set-up information: dial *135*4#
– Notification off: 135*6#
– Notification on: *135*5#

MTN Zone has evolved overtime and currently offers the following packages:MTN Zone offers you variable discounts on your local calls, depending on the time of day, your location and customer activity in your area.

What is MTN Zone?

MTN Zone is a prepaid plan only available for all prepaid customer at great discount valid for mtn to mtn calls online (ON-NET). MTN Zone call Discounts ranges from 2k/seconds, 4k/seconds, 8k/seconds, 12k/seconds, 16k/seconds, 20k/seconds, 24k/seconds and sometime times, 30k/sec.

It is available to MTN PayAsYouGo and TopUp customers. Customers may use Cell Broadcast to check the discount that is available for them at any time when making a call or sending an SMS. Customers may also check their MTN Zone Per Second discounts.

Benefits of MTN Zone Plan

*. Amazing Discount On MTN to MTN Calls
*. Notification On Calls
*. Happy Hour Calls (Free Midnight Calls)
*. Incredible Added Value Service

However, MTN Happy Hours is free calls From 12am till 4am, make sure you have at least a minimum balance of 100N airtime before making happy hours calls. It totally free of charge and your airtime will not be deducted.

28 thoughts on “How to migrate to MTN Zone Plan and Benefits”

  1. MTN has finaly knwn thet there customers do benefit alot from that MTN ZONE they have stop it, that of zone is nomore .

  2. MtnZone code *135*1# is not working. The system says is not available. Pls I need this code now. Mtn Zone activation now. Thanks

      1. MtnZone code *135*1# is not working. The system says is not available. Pls I need this code now. Mtn Zone activation now. Thanks

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