Reach Mtn Now with their Whatsapp Number – Don’t Call 181 Again!

It is very absurd that when someone buys an Mtn Telecom Nigeria Sim, after registration and you dare to make any attempts to call them, wanting to complain anything to them, you find it difficult because they won’t pick.

When it is becoming too much, people starts finding their solution to the problem. Some say call 181 by 4am to 5am early morning, they will pick others say call them by evening time and it still doesn’t work.

But the simple truth there is that, anytime you call them, be it early morning, be it mid afternoon, be it evening or mid night, anytime they feel like picking your calls, they will.



But today, I think they have heard the voices of the mass, the voice of their customers crying about this. So right now, Mtn Telecom in Nigeria has launched a new way of contacting them.

I am very happy to inform you that you can now reach MTN Customer Care through their WhatsApp Number! Customers simply need to add the numbers and start chatting immediately with a customer care rep available.

List of the MTN Customer Whatsapp Number

Below are the complete list of the Mtn Whatsapp Number that is strictly made for their customers. There are:-

*. 09033000001
*. 09033000002
*. 09033000003
*. 09033000004
*. 09033000005

This their update is really awesome and great. Mtn needs to keep giving us, their best service. If they annoys us too much, there shouldn’t forget that, there are many other many Nigeria Telecom, that are always there for us! Go MTN!


  1. I have applied for a contract phone in 25July 2017 but have not received the phone till to Date
    Can you please assist me on this matter,I have called the 0831234667 but I can’t get hold of anyone
    Please help

  2. I have applied for a contract phone in 25July 2017 but have not received the phone till to Date
    Can you please assist me on this matter,I have called the 0831234667 but I can’t get hold of anyone
    Please help

  3. Oluwafemi oluwamayowa

    08033513526 is dectected a CRIME SUSPECT,pls kindly place on SECURITY INVESTIGATION.THANKS

  4. Oluwafemi oluwamayowa

    08033513526 is dectected a CRIME SUSPECT.pls place this line on SECURITY INVESTIGATION.Thanks

  5. Excellent services

  6. Excellent sevices

  7. Dear Team,
    Kindly check on my mtn(07063602249) sim to ascertain why it kept saying unavailable inside my mobile phone

  8. Prince.U ,

    I subscribe for 1200 monthly data bundle the 28 August 2019.

    I notice since yesterday evening no internet services.

    please kindly assist. { 08035537450 }


    Prince Usang


    Good Morning.

    My line was watsapp line was hacked yesterday, i can’t any thing on watsapp now for the bad guy has been using it to advertise fraudulent data sales. many has been calling me for the advert which i don’t know any thing about. here my details.


    PHONE NUMBER: 08063300164

    Kindly assist as urgent, as you can still reach with the same line.

    Thank you

  10. Good day to whom it may concern, I lost my phone sonetimes back in 2017 and have been out of the country eversince , now I want to retrieve this number as it is an important number to me..please I need assistance on how to acheieve nunber is 08068106862


    Please kindly check on my mtn (08034277251) SIM card and help me to unlock it because I was unable to call or receive calls and messages with it. I noticed this between 30th and 31st March 2020.

  12. Please I’m in Mozambique, I have been trying to make a transaction but my bank kept on sending me an Otp to my mtn line. I’m with the sim but I’m not receiving the messages. I only receive mtn msgs. I even went ahead to call them from Nigeria and they sent me credit to the line, still nothing. Please what should I do? I really need to start receiving msgs

    • Hello, you can start by using your hardware token or choose the option to send the OTP to your E-mail. Please, you have to call the MTN line once again.

  13. I did subscription between 5 minutes to 7 minutes I got a message that it has been exhausted without using it
    Please help

  14. I can’t check my mobile money whenever I check they tell me that I don’t have mobile network

  15. please i migrate to mtn pulse and the offer is not good.i need to migrate to betatalk.please what is the code??

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