MTN launches TikTok and Instagram 1GB for N200 and 350MB for N100

MTN launches a new data plan for both TikTokers and Instagram influencers. It allows users to activate 1GB of data plan for just N200, and it is valid for a week, 7 days.

The new MTN social bundle is quite impressive, and will definitely go a long way during this pandemic issue. After all, both TikTok and Instagram have seen a hike in social media presence.

Despite the effort from MTN to bring people a little bit closer, and increases your presence on the social media platform, it is unarguable that there are few terms and conditions.

Before we move further, let us learn how we can activate this MTN 1GB data plan for TikTok and Instagram. It is worth noting that this plan is only eligible for all MTN Pulse users and doesn’t require any other authentication or special SIM.

MTN TikTok and Instagram 1GB for N200

How to activate MTN TikTok and Instagram 1GB for N200

  • You must be on MTN Pulse (*406#)
  • Switch on your phone and
  • Dial *406*4#
  • Select 2 for IG and TikTok Bundle
  • Proceed

The company is advertising its new plan on every calls you to make, after making your call, at the screen display for the costs of your calls, you will see something like:

Get 1GB for IG and TikTok @N200. Dial *406*4#. Valid for 7days.”

How to buy IG & TikTok bundle with Pulse Points

MTN Pulse Points are points offered to and earned by Pulse users either by migration or by constant buying of data and airtime.

Fortunately, you can use MTN Pulse Points to buy IG and TikTok bundle and it is equivalent to your airtime (naira).

  • Dial *406*7*2# and this will display on your front screen:
MTN Pulse Points
  • Choose 3 for IG and TikTok Bundles
MTN Pulse Points - IG and TikTok Bundle
MTN Pulse Points – IG and TikTok Bundle
  • Now choose either 1 or 2
  • Choose or cancel auto-renewal
  • Pay with your points

How to activate 350MB IG and TikTok Bundle

Meanwhile, MTN is also offering 350MB for IG and TikTok for N100, but it is valid for a day. If you are living on a budget, you can also activate this plan also:

  • You must be on MTN Pulse (*406# to migrate)
  • Dial *406*4#
  • Select 1 for 350MB IG and TikTok bundle
  • Proceed

You can also use the following method to subscribe to MTN IG and TikTok bundle:

  • SMS: Sending INSTD1 to 131 for IG & TikTok Lite bundle.
  • SMS: Sending INSTD2 to 131 for IG & TikTok Heavy bundle.

How to check IG and TikTok Balance

In order for you to check your data balance for either the 350MB or 1GB data plan for Instagram and TikTok bundle, you can follow the below procedure:

  • Dial *406*4#
  • Select 3 for IG and TikTok balance
  • The balance will be shown on your screen
MTN TikTok and Instagram 1GB for N200 and 350MB for N100

How to manage your IG and TikTok bundle: You can also manage your IG and TikTok bundle by dialing *406*4# and select 4 to manage your Instagram and TikTok bundle plan.

What is the Validity date of these bundles: Always remember that the 350MB for N100 validity date is 1day and the 1GB for N200 validity date is 7days.

How to activate IG and TikTok auto-renewal

We all know that the 350MB Pulse IG & TikTok lite bundle is N100 and valid for 24hours, while the 1GB Pulse IG & TikTok heavy bundle is N200 and valid for 7days.

Well, you can activate auto-renewal to keep it going for as long as there is airtime or points in your SIM.

  • For 350MB IG & TikTok Lite, send RINSTD1 to 131 or dial *406*4*4# and select Opt in for Auto Renewal.
  • For 1GB IG & TikTok Heavy, send RINSTD2 to 131, Send or dial *406*4*4# and select Opt in for Auto Renewal.

How to cancel IG & TikTok auto-renewal?

  • For 350MB IG & Tiktok Lite, send NOINSTD1 to 131 or dial *406*4*4# and select Cancel Auto Renewal.
  • For 1GB IG & Tiktok Heavy, send NOINSTD2 to 131 or dial *406*4*4# and select Cancel Auto Renewal.

Always remember that you can subscribe to any of the IG & TikTok bundles multiple times. You will also be able to subscribe to a combination of both IG & TikTok bundles.

If you are also interested in other similar MTN data plan bundles:
*. There is the 1GB daily plan for N300, that lasts for a day. To activate text 155 to 131.
*. There is a 2GB 2-day plan for N500. To activate text 154 to 131. Etc.

It is not surprising that both social media platforms, TikTok, and Instagram are video-sharing social networking services. Where Instagram also shares photos and is owned by Facebook. And Chinese TikTok is owned by ByteDance.

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  1. This is foolishness
    I have not checked it out yet I think it’s just a particle size of nonsense in my higher level of foolishness

  2. I am in, stop panicking.
    Dial *131*1*1*1*2*2# then click on cancel on the new pop up window.. You must have up-to 50 points.
    Connect for any other question or request.
    Mayorchude10@ gmail. com.

  3. This plan is rubbish I helped my grandpa to buy data and even auto renew
    My grandpa is not on Instagram or tik tok and there is no way to opt out.
    This is indirect stealing.MTN na thief quote me anywhere if don’t provide a code to opt out.
    That’s why I don’t have MTN sim and cannot encourage anyone to register with them.Rubbish network everywhere I go
    So now they will be deducting 200 everyweek from the man.
    And I saw people’s comment since last year and there is no change yet.

  4. It activated itself now I don’t know how to deactivate it.. Anytime I load 200 naira I always loose 100 naira and am not even on Instagram.

  5. The plan activates itself anytime i buy a data bundle and it doesn’t even work . Please how to deactivate and opt out from it , i need help

  6. Please MTN change this plan, because it is confusing us the user of MTN network.
    It is pushing us towards disliking MTN long time history of good service.
    Please and please, we are not happy with this service. Remove it, or educate people more, on the important of plan.

  7. this is plain rubbish, I subscribe to it as I have been subscribing for mtn #200 for long before not knowing it won’t browse on all applications, mtn should please cancel the plan for many others like me don’t know that its mainly for Instagram


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