Latest News reaching us has it that one of the most popular and eligible network is Africa and especially in Nigeria called MTN has just stopped free Night Call for Xtracool Subscribers.

This is their firm and their business but it is becoming too obvious especially after they have successfully blocked True Talk+ Plan, although this is carried out because of the NCC command!

So it looks like they coming into reality of regret, perhaps, starting from the day NCC fined them and the Government supported NCC court orders, which was followed by Etisalat, who sued MTN over buying Vodacomm!

mtn xtracool happy hour

Coming from MTN Board of Managers in a note and we quoted it “Please cascade to the associates that MTN happy hour call (Free night call) which started October 2006 has been discontinued effect tonight, as directed by NCC.
Hence, all happy hours calls will be billed from tonight.
Thank you.”

So note from now that the calls within the time from 12:30AM to 4:30AM will now be charge normal before the calls was supposed to be free when you have the sum of N100!

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