Mtn Sim Registration is kind of hard due to the stress in standing and waiting for more than one to 10hours, sometimes, when I see them, I feel like “did they win any lottery that I am not aware of” but it is very sad to hear that it is due to Mtn Sim Card Registration.

If you get an Mtn Message regarding your sim registration then that means you really need to do an mtn update on your status. So without stress, we will try and show you the steps to register your Mtn Sim from the comforts of your home.

MTN sim card registration

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How to Register Your Mtn Sim Card from the Comforts of Your Home

*. The first step to take is to insert your Mtn sim inside phone >> then goto your Message Box.
*. Now continue by texting BVN , BVN Number , Mother’s maiden name (this must be same as the one you gave during your BVN registration) to 799.

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For instant:- Text BVN 3957555432 CHIDIMMA in an SMS to 799. That is all, just wait for some minutes and the message will delivered. Congratulation, you have just register your Mtn Sim Card.

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