How to subscribe to all MTN Night plans – N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB

MTN Nigeria is really rolling it out. If you don’t love MTN a single bit. Then I will advise you to start loving them ASAP. Their recent upgrades and updates marvel me a lot. This is all MTN Night plan and how to subscribe.

MTN Night Plan introduced for heavy subscribers. Don’t sleep and browse from 12 am to 4 am in the morning with just N25 and N50 plan! It is amazing, right?

MTN offers 250MB and 500MB as their night plan data bonus and it is available for all MTN users. The 250MB costs N25 while the 500MB costs N50.

How to subscribe to Mtn night plan

*. First of all, Migrate to MTN Pulse package by dialing *406# or sending 406 to 131.
*. You must have a minimum of N50 on your phone.
*. To activate the night tariff plan, you can actually text NIGHT to 131 to enjoy or dial *406# choose 4 and activate any plan of your choice.

You will be able to subscribe to any of the Pulse Nightlife bundles for just 4 times, but NOT more than 2GB in a night.

MTN has revamped the conditions for the plan. Before now, you can only subscribe and activate any of the plans for 4 times, while the 250MB plan is only activated twice but later on, the company later changed to once.

But the good news is that MTN has changed the conditions of the plans, and has extended its daily limit of night plan subscription to 2GB. You can now subscribe up to 4 times and five times per night.

For instance: You can now subscribe to the 500MB for N50 plan up to 4 times – 500MB + 500MB + 500MB + 500MB = 2GB. This explains that the fair usage policy applies to 2GB and always understands that the Nightlife plan is only activated from 12 am – 5 am and it won’t roll over to the next night.


  1. please I want to know if the N25 will be deducted everyday? or if it will only be the day you need the Mb?

  2. It will be very bad if I don’t say THANK YOU!
    Thank you very much!

  3. If I may ask, is there any 1gb or 1.5gb own just like airtel

  4. please update this, last week they made it 250mb for 25naira and 500m for 500naira now it’s not working at all.

  5. pls this 1.2G is there any one that is cheaper dan it cos i cnt exhaust it in a week

  6. Presently they increased the time frame from 12am-5am but i dont love the way they slashed out the data and increased the price

  7. Is it based on the MTN Pulse package only this free night subcription could be done

  8. I migrated to mtn pulse on Sunday morning,mtn deducted 100 naira from my airtime.But I couldn’t get the night life later at night they claimed I was not on pulse

  9. Ikechukwu saviour emeka

    Can it be extended to the next day if not used at all?

  10. I had 133 on my balance and its responding me with insufficient fund

  11. Can I do the mtn night browsing as many times as possible in just one night

  12. Must I have uptown #50 to participate

  13. Pls I want a night plan that last for one month

    • Hi Mimi, allow me to introduce you to Ntel Unlimited Night Plan for only N10,250 Monthly. You can use it from Midnight 12 am to 7 am Daily. You will definitely enjoy high-speed Internet access with no data cap and it is not valid for 30 Days.

  14. Pls i wanna know whats the code for mtn me2u. And is there a way that we can transfer more than 200mb fr datame2u.
    Pls i need answers

  15. What’s wrong with MTN? the night plans code NT2 or NT1 to 131, 406 to 131 don’t work anymore!

  16. Is it for just a night? What if u don’t exhaust it at once, can u use the rest the following night or u will have to resubscribe?

  17. What the code

  18. What the code for the night plans and the list

  19. I love mtn

  20. Do I have to wait till 12am to subscribe or Can I subscribe before that time

  21. I have tried to buy N25 for 500mb but is not working

  22. Please, i did the night plan but they are deducting from my normal data

  23. Please I want to know how many days it lasts?. I mean #50 for #500mb.. How many days does it last?

  24. Wow this is really good want to tty this but now I’m liking it thanks to MTN and to be naugthy pls release more cheat for us like ur 50naira for 200mb that’s working before but never again thanks for the night sub once again

  25. Is it only from 12am to 6 pm or anytime

  26. I did the night plan and start the browsing exact 2am, but they are deducting my main data instead of night data.

  27. I’m on MTN pulse, I subscribed to the night plan. Started browsing around 1am, little did I know that the data in my main account was being deducted and the night account wasn’t touched a bit. Now, I’m pissed. If anyone knows a solution, it’ll be much appreciated.

  28. Will they use your subsisting data after subscribing to night plan

  29. 500MB was little but now having 2GB is more than we can ask for, thank you M.T.N and thank you admin for posting this have a nice weekend. 🙂

  30. Can this be paid multiple times in quick succession without finishing the previous data? Like allowing it to reach 2gb before usage?

  31. Can’t I subscribe like 5gb?

  32. Please is it possible for me to subscribe N 520 for 52 GB for night plan and how will I be able to plan my night plans.
    Also how many days will it last.

  33. Can this be paid multiple times in quick succession without finishing the previous data? Like allowing it to reach 2gb before usage?

  34. I subscribe but I worke up 1pm but to my surprise it’s not working

  35. Will it work on every site and hope it will not be bouncing

  36. What is the code pls for 500mb @ #50

  37. What if I had like an existing data bundle, but I want to download movies, so I did the night bundle. Which if them will I be charged from? The normal, or the night bundle?

  38. Please how can I do night sub on mtn beta talk

  39. Please work on your service, I am sick and tired of what MTN is doing, my daily plan is used instead of my night plan… Please do something about it… Thank you…

  40. I don’t know what’s wrong with my sim i can’t subscribe to night subs ,I have tried the several codes and pattern u guys showed there it’s saying is incorrect.

    • I can still subscribe with my MTN line, have you subscribed to MTN Pulse?

      If no, please do it and if you have already, then try contacting the MTN customer care line.

      Dial *406# > 3 (NightLife Bundles) > and choose any plan of your choice.

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