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MTN Data Plans for Android, PC, iPhone & iPad

Hurray, you are here, reading this article, looking for the cheapest MTN Data plan bundle that can keep you up till throughout each month and throughout the year.

Looking for the Cheapest MTN Data Bundle Plans? Then you are in the right place. So today, I will be sharing with you the cheapest MTN Data bundle that will work on Android Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Windows, or PC Systems.

A data bundle gives you a set amount of data for a set price. This means there’s a fixed cost for a certain quantity of data – for example, 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, or more. When you buy a data bundle, you benefit from highly discounted rates versus simply using your airtime.

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List of All MTN Data Plan

MTN Nigeria has been trying lately, after noticing that Glo Data Bundle is the cheapest plan for Nigerians, and they won the best Nigeria Telecom providers for the first 3months of 2018, then and there, MTN woke up from their slumber.

Since then, MTN has been launching the cheapest data bundles both for Java, Android Smartphones, etc Below are the data plans for both Light and Heavy Users.

mtn data plan

Daily MTN Data Plan

– Daily 50MB + 25MB Plan: Which costs N100 and is valid for 24 Hrs. You can subscribe to MTN daily plan by sending “104” to 131.

– Daily 150MB Plan: Which costs N200 and is valid for 24 Hrs. You can subscribe to MTN daily plan by sending “113” to 131.

– Weekly 150MB Plan: Which costs N300 and is valid for 7days. You can subscribe to MTN weekly plan by sending “102” to 131.

– Weekly 500MB Plan: This costs N500 and is valid for 7days. You can subscribe to MTN weekly plan by sending “103” to 131.

Monthly MTN Data Plans

Bigger gadgets attract bigger responsibilities. Are you using iPhone, iPad, and Windows or PC? Then the below data bundle plan is the best for you. Actually, when using a bigger device like this, then your data bundle will have to increase dramatically.

You are using iPhone, iPad, Windows, PC, System, Laptops devices, then the below plans are the cheapest data bundle plans for you, all you have to do is to see the best for you, the plan that’s suits you, and activates it.

Anyway, “they are those people that don’t browse too much, they may browse too much, but they don’t download. All they do is go to Whatsapp, 2go, Facebook, Google, and then Off their Data Bundles” Below are the cheapest MTN Data bundles for Android Smartphones. They include;

N1000 to get 1.5GB

This is another cheap data bundle plan for Light Users. And the amount is cheap, all you have to do is SMS 106 to 131. Please note that it is valid for 30 Days.

N1,200 to get 2GB

This bundle plan is the best plan for all devices, all you have to do is to Text”130″ to 131 for 30days.

N2,000 to get 3.5GB

To activate this plan, Text”110″ to 131 and after that, the 2.5GB plus 1GB bonus will be activated.

MTN 6.5GB For N3,500

This is another good Data Plan for iPhone, PC, Tablet although, Android phones users can make use of it. Text”107″ to 131. For 30 Days

N5k to get 11GB

As I have said above getting 10GB for N5k is not a plan for light users, but we just wanted you to know this, just SMS 116 to 131 for 30 Days.

MTN data

N10k to get 25GB

This plan is really amazing to subscribing to and it is one great data plan which is also good. To activate it, just SMS 117 to 131 for 30 days. Using Windows, PC, iPhone, iPad devices. Then this data plan is the best plan for you.

MTN 60GB For N20,000

Do you love watching movies online, funny videos, amazing videos, and the rest of them? Then this Heavy Plan is the best for you. It is Valid for 2Months, to activate this plan, you can SMS 118 to 131.

MTN 100GB For N30,000

As I have said, Heavy Users are those that browse 24hours with their devices, watch a lot of movies, videos and download much.  So for all heavy users out there, there is the  85GB for N50000, it is Valid for 3Months. To activate, you can SMS 133 to 131

There are more other plans than the MTN Data Plans. Tell somebody about this plan using the below share buttons. And also subscribe to our email newsletter to receive more news about MTN DATA Plan.

About MTN Nigeria

MTN is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, founded in 1994 and operates in many African, European, and Asian countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg. As of 30 June 2016, MTN recorded 232,6 million subscribers across its operations.

MTN Nigeria came into Nigeria markets by 2001, and they made their first phone call that the same year, at Maritime House, Apapa. MTN Nigeria has over N2 trillion invested since 2001. One can say, MTN is Nigeria’s leading mobile telecommunications provider serving over 52 million subscribers, which reaches almost every state in the nation.

MTN is focused on making connections that matter. MTN Nigeria provides standards connectivity, communication, and collaboration solutions. Guess what, MTN is the largest privately owned mobile operator in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The above steps will easily display your current MTN tariff plan. This article removes the stress of “how can I check my MTN tariff plan” MTN Nigeria has a wide range of tariff plans to choose from.

23 thoughts on “MTN Data Plans for Android, PC, iPhone & iPad”

  1. Yellow !!! MTN we have been enjoying your 1G, N2000 and 30 day airtime bonus at N1000 before , why do you stopped it ?
    Please come back again or give remedy to that issue.

  2. Hi, MTN Data plan bundle is the cheapest plan that can keep you up each month and throughout the year. However, why is it not compatible with other sim cards? Thanks.

  3. Am not just happy with the way my data is wiped…..I load for a month and barely use for two weeks…am not comfortable using data cos I will soon be warned or notified that m running out of data…m not enjoying mtn at all

  4. I bought a data bundle for 1200 2gig and I was given a YouTube night data but I can’t seem to use it why? Pls I need instructions on how to use it

  5. My 1500 subscription doesn’t last up to 3 days, why? I feel cheated and I’ve complained this many times to the customer care they’d always say maybe my phone apps updates automatically. I already disabled auto update but I’m still having same issue. I need explanation pls

  6. how will I go back too mtn start pack , yesterday I wanted to do mid night browsing so I migrated too pulse, and am not seeing my bonus again and I can’t go back too start pack, what should I do

      1. I tot u said mtn has woke up from thier slumber, i don’t think so , go and check the amount of data Airtel is giving for 1000, ur call rate is very high

        1. @Ayoola Tajudeen, When it comes to data packages, Airtel is the cheapest and better than others, they have lots of packages. Apart from that they are always prompt in responding to complaints. Thumps up for Airtel.

          I know this will not be published here though, that’s why I have snapped it to post it later in my facebook page.

          1. We are not affiliated or endorsed by MTN or any other company, we just published all the MTN data plans and that is it. In some places, MTN is faster, and Airtel is quite slower, and vice versa. This case determines which of the telecom the person uses.

    1. Hello James, why I recharge with N500 and activate the 7-day plan on my MTN Pulse account, I will be gifted with data balance of 1GB to be expired 7 days later and another 1GB for a month, to subscribe, you dial the normal 7 day code.

      If in case, it doesn’t work, then try to contact MTN Line for more information.

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