But my question is what has aggravated them to change their mind to start charging for Share n Sell packages? Mtn Share n Sell helps you to send airtime to your family and friends without been charged.

At first, it was Airtel that was only the network that was charging for the Share n Sell but now that Mtn has venture into, then maybe, Glo and Etisalat might follow suite.

So in a round up statement, the truth is that, when you are sending Airtime to your friends and family then it is no longer free. This is the message I got from MTN yesterday?

mtn share n sell

You can see and confirm for yourself. Probably, when you are sending Mtn 100, instead of having Mtn 100 on your phone, you should have 110 to 120, whereby, they might use the 10N or 20N as their transaction fee.

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