How to activate MTN 4GB for N1000 (30days) / 1GB for N200 – MTN Deal Zone

MTN is really taking data plan to the next level of affordability with the latest and cheapest data bonus. The fight for the cheapest data plan in Nigeria is getting hotter. This is MTN 4GB for N1000.

Last week, 9mobile Nigeria (formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria) unveiled two different data plan bundle and it sounds too pleasing to the ears. The new MTN Nigeria mobile data plan is much more pleasing.

Say hello to the MTN Deal Zone! With the MTN service, you can subscribe and enjoy wonderful data bundle at cheaper rate, they are currently offering, 250MB / 1GB and 4GB plan.

Mtn 4GB for N1000

How to subscribe for MTN 4GB for N1000

The MTN Deal Zone is essentially important for all MTN data bundle subscribers. However,, MTN didn’t specify if it will work on NEW or OLD sim cards.

– To subscribe for MTN 250MB for N100: Dial *131*65# and choose 1 (3days)
– To subscribe for MTN 1GB for N200: Dial *131*65# and choose 2 (7days)
– While to subscribe for MTN 4GB for N1000: Dial *131*65# and choose 3 (30days)

Data cap and Validity date of the MTN deal Zone bonus

– 250MB for N100: Last 3days
– 1GB for N200 – 7days
– 4GB for N1000: Last 30 days

Will it work on my handset?

Yes it works on all platform of devices, ranging from Smartphones such as Android, iPhones, iPads, to laptops, Desktops, PC, and now to modem.

Is my SIM card eligible?

Currently, I’ve test over 3 SIM card around my home and they seems to be eligible for the offer. That means, if your SIM is not eligible, you better look for another.

But am definitely sure all MTN sim cards are eligible for the subscription. Probably, you meant want to try MTN SIM that has been dormant for the past 30days. And don’t subscribe to 4GB for N1000, instead try the lower plans first.

So get along with it and enjoy!

Does it accumulate data?

The accumulation of this data plan is still yet unknown. But I really think, you can simply subscribe to this plan and also accumulate it over and over again. Possibly, you might accumulate up to 20GB for N5000.

As to when the data bonus will expire is yet unknown, but MTN subscribers are expected to subscribe to this data plan right now! And also, note that renewal still remains unsure.

Are you eligible? Lets get to know more!


  1. I am not eligible and don’t seem to understand why?

  2. If a sim is not eligible what can one do ??

  3. leonard nnamdi nweke

    thank you so much

  4. when i tried it, it said my sim is not eligible whats the solution

  5. It doesn’t work. There’s no SIM that is eligible. All the people at my office have tried. No one is eligible

  6. I tried it too… its not going through

  7. Mtn just succeeded in duping us

  8. It’s not working on most Sims, especially we that buy regularly.
    It’s chuwachuwa thing.

  9. It works on sim

  10. This is another gimmick from MTN. Its all a joke

  11. when i tried it
    i wasn’t elegible
    is it that.. i have to migrate to mtn deal zone
    before i can be eligible?

  12. This is a new scam. It is not working because I tried it on my two sims with different tarrif plan but fail to work.

  13. I have tried it several times but it’s not going through
    I don’t know why!!

  14. I tried it too and it didn’t work

  15. I’m not eligible for it. and no Mtn deal zone again on that tariff migration. plz how can I migrate to Mtn deal zone

  16. My SIM is not eligible, what do I do?

  17. I’m eligible for it, but my question is that does it work on all applications and website

  18. It works perfectly on a 30 days dormant sim. Am enjoying it.

  19. Please the dormant u mean do you mean it is only on data plans or making calls

  20. Am not eligible as well, so how can I be eligible now?

  21. I’ve tried this over and over, but still dosen’t work. Why?

  22. why am not in the office plz i need it

  23. my girl friend has been enjoying these offer..
    my own sim is not eligible. I guess it works for people that did welcome back or their number starts with 08016 & 0906. her two Sims are working

  24. Please, I cannot leave my sim there anyway to be eligible?thanks

  25. I have mtn credit ,how do I buy data with it pls

  26. can I use the plan even though I am using mtn pulse

  27. Help me.I’m not eligible

  28. I’m eligible for the plan. All I want to know is if I exhaust the Data before the expiration date or if the data expires will I be able to subscribe again or it’s a one time thing.. Thanks

  29. Working for me and my sim is not dormant. Thanks.

  30. It worked on my sim, I have been using it since April

  31. can this data be shared with friends

  32. MTN you are really proving yourself Baba among all our networks provided that the call rent is not dubious. God bless you!!!

  33. Christamachiavelle

    They said I am not eligible for the MTN welcome back 4gb plan. I guess I will need to the a welcome back on my sim or something.

  34. I have been on the plan for a while now, I did 4Gig plan which lasted for 2 weeks, its showing that am not eligible now when I tried to subscribe using the plan, please what is wrong, I wud apri8 your response

  35. please Admin, my SIM is a new SIM, jst bought it, do I need to leave my SIM dormant for 30days also, to be eligible for the plan?
    because they said I’m not eligible.

  36. Admin are u sure it will work if I leave my sim dormant for 30 days

  37. I can enjoy this offer

  38. It’s 100% real. Please, you guys should stop saying ills about mtn because yours didn’t work. It’s actually working on mine. But I tried with my bro’s own and it ain’t working. I believe one ought to have a 4G Lite SIM before it works. Just saying, though.

  39. It works for me. I think is only for those that did welcome back. because I received this message “Activation of WelcomeBack 4GB Monthly data plan was successful.”

  40. Its perfectly working for me, thanks man.

  41. Can the subscription work more than once. As in, can i do it more than once?

  42. If a sim is not eligible what can one do ??

  43. Hi, I used the data4me package for 2gig for 500 but it has not be activated on my phone for almost 2hours. What could be wrong and what is the solution

  44. Is not working jor.. And It supposed to on evey
    MTN SIM, you can’t expect someone that being using his/her line for business for long to go buy another MTN SIM again.. Will he or she remove the business line or go and buy another phone or both line in the phone should just be only MTN. This does not make any sense..

  45. It work for me .
    Not working for my little brother

  46. Guys, calm down. Noone is asking you to go get a new sim. Try not to subscribe on your sim for at least 3 weeks. Then you would become eligible to this offer. Hope we all are safe. Enjoy your quarantine.

  47. Search Results For – Load card 5 times using *888*card# if u wan to be eligible

  48. Does it work on mtn yafun tariff plan

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