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Mtn 4G LTE Data Bundle Plans – Prices and Subscription Code

Finally, the long awaited Mtn 4G LTE Data Bundle Plan is out but Would you subscribe to it? Is it cheap or too cost?

Mtn Nigeria has finally introduce their 4G LTE Data Plan which can only be usable on 4G LTE Phones! Mtn didn’t work with the former Data Plans which are very cheap and affordable!


Below are the subscription code to the Mtn 4G LTE Data Bundle!

MTN 4G LTE Data Plans

– 100MB for N500 (7days validity)
– 150MB for N499 (daily)
– 200MB for N1000 (30days validity)
– Unlimited data for N36,999 (30 days 24/7)
– 42GB for 12Months N66499
– 10GB for N6000 (30 days validity)
– 15GB for N10,000 (30 days validity)


– Dial *444# and choose your plan. But your phone must be 4G LTE enabled. Stay Updated with us!

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