How to Use #1k to Download Unlimited on MTN StartPack!

We all remember the MTN StartPack Tariff Plan that offers 6 Times Bonus On Every Recharge! Well, we have discover a simple way, without using any tricks, tweaks of so on to get more 10GB and more of data to browse and download the whole internet itself!

Remember, you don’t have to perform any tweaks, all you have to do is to follow the below step by step guide to get the 11.5GB or 10gb on your MTN Sim card. No much talking, let’s get down with it. Mtn are really suprising us starting from last month to this month, Mtn are really trying.

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What You Should Know About MTN StartPack Tariff Plan

MTN StartPack is a special tariff plan that allows New MTN customers enjoy the 500% bonus on any recharge of their choice. E.g you recharge N100, you get N600; N200 gives you N1,200; N500 gives you N3,000; N1,000 gives you N6,000.

That means, when you recharge even N100, you will get 500% bonus. MTN StartPack is about Enjoying 500% Bonus and also Get 6 Times Bonus On Every Recharge!

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How to Get Your MTN 10GB or 11.5GB Data

Firstly, you have to get a New MTN Sim card >>Register the MTN sim and activate it >> Now load N100 and you’ll be given N500 to call and browse >> Please don’t browse or call >> Note that, you will be recharging continuously wwith N100 for 10 times then you will be given 10GB data, meanwhile, your N1000 will be there. That is to say that the N500 bonus will give you 1GB of data >> Use your N1,000 to subscribe for 1.5GB data plan after exhausting your 10GB making it 11.5GB. That is all! Pause your data and use this!

How to Check Your 10GB or 11.5GB of Data

The Checking aspect is simple and short. All you have to do is to dial *556# or *559#  to check your data balance. Remember that the 6 times of recharge is for the first 6month of use.

And it works on all living device, since that Windows Phone and Blackberry Phones are about dying, you can use them why it last! Meanwhile, for the living device like Android Smartphones, Java, PC, Windows or Laptops, Flex! Please you can share this post to all your online friends on Facebook, twitter and the rest by using the below share buttons.


32 thoughts on “How to Use #1k to Download Unlimited on MTN StartPack!”

  1. If I buy new sim before I get the offer
    Should I need to migrate to start pack before I dey the offer
    Because new sim of now are days come with yafuyafu plan

  2. Mtn u guys can lie at my new sim na them even comot me from the start pack or what self nw am in pause the data i sucribe will nt finish and the take

  3. Hello Admin
    What if you want to keep your balance in the natural form without buying data and start browsing with the accumulated bonuses. Will Mtn charge you from the bonuses or your balance?
    Secondly, what even if you buy data, will Mtn first charge you from the data or from your accumulated bonuses?

  4. Hello admin I just came across your site today and I have some questions to ask….. It that 10gigs or 11.5gigs data for #1000 still working today 2017 june

  5. have been recharging with #1000 almost every time since I bought my sim and have been receiving #5000 bonus each time I recharge for the past 1 month but I noticed of recent that whenever am given that the cut the bonus almost immediately am been given without making any call.

  6. Mtn is a thief network provider ever. I use their sim to receive only.dont load recharge card on their sim.they deduct ur credit balance even without making use of ur fone and u wont be able to get in touch with their customer care through 180. Mtn…..thief thief thief.

  7. If I load the #100 and get #500 bonus. Don’t I have to dail a code to get the 1GB.. …or immediately I load the #100,mtn will just credit me with 1GB data?

    • Hello Airkay, once you recharge N100, you will be given 1gb for browsing and N500 for calls. All you have to do is to ignore using the 500 naira for calls and browse with the 1gb. Recharge more N100 and get more GB valid for 6months.

    • Hi Paul, Yes, read the post carefully, it is about Mtn Startpack, just a new sim. And remember it is a new plan and it gives you 500% for just N100. No code is required.


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