Mtn 100mb and 50mb – 2016 Data Bundle

Mtn Nigeria – which is one of the best Telecom in Nigeria, who are supposed to splash to us enough data bundle to keep their dignity, are the ones throwing it away, at least CHANGE has come to them all of a sudden.

Today, we will be sharing with you a simple tutorial on how to get 100mb for N100 and 50mb for N50 without much stress. The former method on how to get Mtn 100mb has been blocked. But this is a working method.

Light users, this is your time to explore but for heavy users, please Ignore! Light users can be able to utilize this opportunity to their satisfaction. While Heavy users won’t even enjoy a tip of it, after subscribing to it.

To Subscribe to 100mb with MTN N100:- Firstly, you are to migrate to MTN BetterTalk plan (Do that by Dial *123*2*6# or send BT to 131) then send J11 to 142. That is all.

After you must have subscribe, you can check by dialing *559*60# to view your bundle balance. Note that the Mb is only valid for 7days. You will also get 12Mins for National calls.

To subscribe to 50mb with N50:- It is also simple, just like the above step, migrate to Mtn BetterTalk Plan, by dialing the above code, then Send J12 to 142.

It is also valid for 7days, you can check by using the *559*60# code, then you will get 5 minutes of call time including your 50mb! Happy Weekend!

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  • I enjoy the info and tips, thanks but the gadgets and posts on your sites are too sensitive, and so unstable, making it difficult to navigate tge site. You can work on this. I like the site.

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