Want to stay Private? then download Mozilla Firefox Focus browser

Mozilla Firefox Focus helps you stay private when browsing the internet. With the help of Firefox Focus, you will indeed stay completely focused, browse like anonymous that the web won’t even recognize you a bit. Below is a link to Mozilla Firefox Focus browser.

But first, did you known that Mozilla Firefox browser was originally called Phoenix 0.1? Anyways, Mozilla Firefox has wide-range of browsers for mobile users and desktop users. There is also the Firefox Quantum also!

Normally, you browse the internet as a regular user, (not a phone zombie anyways) that means everything about you get exposed to the internet. If you are looking forward to escaping that and embracing complete privacy, Mozilla Firefox Focus is there!

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How does Mozilla Firefox Focus work

Its works are pretty intuitive, mesmerizing and at the same time, discouraging for continuous and regular browsing. But here is how the Firefox Focus works.

It is one of the best mobile browsers for all platform of devices, Android or iOS platform. The Firefox Focus browser has it own features, that you might love. And yes, it keeps you away from any form of annoying pops up or advertisement.

– Availability and Size: Firstly, it is important to know that Firefox Focus browser is only available to Android and iOS, desktop users are out of question. And you can download the browser at 2.83MB Android and 19MP iOS, that is smaller for a web browser.

– User Interface: On launching the browser, you will land on an empty front page, where you won’t see Top Sites, Highlights, or a separate Google box (indicating search the web). You will see just a box (Search or enter address).

– Tabs: Sorry, you won’t be able to open multiple tabs like other browsers out there. You are allowed as a user to open a single page tab, that is all. But on Android, you can click any links present within web page, and then you’ll open a new page.

– Faster and Privacy: The Firefox focus definitely loads pretty fast, due to the fact that it stops all form of advertisements. Like the name implies, Focus. When you load up a web page, the app automatically blocks all form of advertisements such as ads, pop-ups.

The privacy is it best feature, allows you to block known website trackers by category, such as:
+ Blocks Ads
+ Blocks Analytics and
+ Block Social trackers
+ Blocks content trackers

– Poor internet connection: When there is poor internet connection, the Firefox Focus easily loads up the web page faster. If the network is faster or slower, the Firefox focus helps you out.

There are many other features like, AutoComplete that needs to be activated, you can do that in the settings, add your own URLs and it will auto-complete them for you.

Cookies are only deployed, and once you exist the page or close the browser, it automatically clear your cookie. Add-dons are not supported, few custom settings etc.

Firefox Focus

How to Download Firefox Focus browser

As already aforementioned, the browser app is available to both Android and iOS platform. Note that Content blocking on iPhone is only available on 64-bit devices, iOS 9 and above. But on all versions of Android devices.

Thankfully, you can use Firefox focus with Safari browser.

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Current browsers have a private browsing mode, but Mozilla launched it own separate Firefox Focus browser, which is focused on enhanced privacy. But there is a new form of Firefox focus browser app, it is the newest build with Gecko in place of WebKit and it is now available on APK Mirror. The app is about 10 times larger now because it’s bundled with a rendering engine.

Mozilla built Gecko, and it is the engine used in Firefox. With this new implement, it adds better private browsing and blocking trackers to Focus.

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