All thanks to Sony! They are at the verge of introducing one powerful technology of the time. Sooner or afterwards, we will be able to charge our phones together without using wires like OTA cable.

The Wireless charging has been promoted by Giants Producers of Android Smartphones such as Samsung and many others but looking at the situation right now, Sony are thinking outside the box.

Is your battery running lower and you are with your friend who is using Smartphone? Then you don’t need any charging tech gadgets such as power banks or USB, or OTA cable, it can now be down Phone to Phone, amazing right?

phone to phone wireless charging

Sony is working on a new futuristic technique that enables wireless power exchange between various nearby consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, microwave, washing machine, fridges, and TVs, without cords, sources says.

If you can recall, Wireless charging isn’t a new concept at all, but this is the first time when the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is being used for power transfer wirelessly between two devices, that too over considerable distances.

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