Lately, has suspicion to become your second nature? Maybe you want to get access to those messages which your child is exchanging over social media platforms, or maybe you’re suspecting that employee of leaking some important tender information.

If you have any such reason to suspect a person’s motives, a sneak peek into their phones can unravel all mysteries. And that sneak peek can be granted through reliable spyware. Such software can let you in on the data exchanged through their phones, and thus, give you a chance to intervene at the right time.

But getting caught in the act of spying before you’ve collected sufficient information wouldn’t be what you’d want, right?

Well, you needn’t worry. Today there are applications that can easily give you a mirror image of anyone’s phone data without throwing you under the train. The key is to hack into the device without physically accessing it!

Sounds like magic doesn’t it?

That is exactly how the spyware mentioned in our article work. Running in the background covertly, they mirror the target device on your phone or PC using the best keylogger for Android. Let’s check these magic apps out.

Part 1: Spyier- Keylogging at its Best

When it comes to keeping tabs on a device, you cannot find a more suitable option than Spyier. The application has been around for over 10 years and has millions of happy customers in over 190 countries.

Spyier has been rated as the leading phone monitoring application by giants like Mac World, Forbes, TheVerge, and Mashable. The app is designed by a team of very sophisticated designers who have made sure that it gets the job done without giving away your identity.

The spyware is well equipped and can track a target’s location, get access to all of their media activity, and also notify you about their texts. The device which is to be monitored need not be jailbroken or rooted to get Spyier up and running on it.

This is how Spyier’s keylogger functions

Spyier records every pressed key on the target device, and in this manner, it helps you figure out the passwords used by your target to sign into various social media accounts.

Spyier works well on both Android and iOS

The application’s iOS version requires just the target’s iCloud credentials. iOS devices are considered to be the most secure but still, they fail to detect Spyier performing it’s magic!

To get the Android version working, you have to get the application installed on the target device. That’s in line with how Android phone monitoring works. If you’ve found an app that does not require any installation on the target device, believe us when we say this – it is a hoax! Don’t invest your hard-earned money on it.

Steps to get Spyier working

Step 1: Head to Spyier’s official website and create an account using your email id.

Step 2: You will be asked to pick out a subscription plan at this step. If you are looking to monitor one device, the Premium plan is what you want. However, the family pack is suitable for keeping a tab on two or more devices.

Step 3: Now you will need to specify the target OS. Here, pick Android (keylogger feature is specific to Android)

You will receive the download and installation instructions on the email ID you gave during registration. Next all you have to do next is hit download and install the app on the target device as per given instructions.

Step 4:  Once the server starts syncing with the device, it is a matter of minutes before you have an exact copy of the target device’s data at your disposal.

For more information, don’t forget to visit Spyier website.


Part 2: Spyic – Keeping Track of the Keys

Spyic has been in the phone spy solution industry for over a decade. It offers a variety of tools which can help you keep a 360° track of the target device. The solution keeps a log of the keys pressed on the target device and can relay them to your account dashboard to help you with logging into social accounts and make out what one has been up to.

Working just as Spyier does, this solution for the iOS version requires the target’s iCloud credentials to hack their device. However, for the Android version, physical access to install the application on the target device is required.

The device, in this case as well, need not be rooted or jailbroken. Configuring Spyier is easy. The application size is small and it is very quick to install on Android without draining the device battery. It works in stealth without raising any flags and efficiently gets you the data you require.

Part 3: Cocospy – Keys check… CHECK

The Cocospy application has been accepted by millions of happy customers in more than 190 countries. Well, that’s impressive. The application has been developed to hack into both iOS and Android platforms without any tinkering done with the device.

Cocospy is considered to be very safe spyware for both professional and personal use. The application does not store any of the user’s data on its server; it merely grants you access to the target device, thus preventing data theft.

The app grants you multiple amazing features like keylogging for Android, tracking the target device 24/7, and also access to browsing history of the target phone. There is a free live demo provided as well so that users can know what they are buying.

Part 4: Find What Keys Someone Used to Sign Into Social Accounts with Minspy

Minspy is another leading spyware that helps you keep a track of the keys hit on the target device. And it lets you access that information right from your dashboard! Minspy is very able and can remotely provide you with whatever data you seek off of the target phone.

The application helps you keep a tab on any sent or received messages. Additionally, it provides you with the images stored on the target device and also provides you with full access to the contact book.

But that doesn’t mean Minspy makes the data stored on the target phone vulnerable to leakage. User data security is the top priority for Minspy and it ensures that the device is maintained safe from external threats.

Minspy offers a free live demo so that users can check its capabilities out before buying it. It also has various affordable plans on offer to pick from.

Part 5: 100% Discreet Keylogging with Spyine

Spyine is another among the leading phone spy solutions out there. It offers various features like remote discrete Android keylogging, live GPS location track with a 3D street view, and geofence alerts also.

The application works in stealth without tripping any alarm and keeps a tab on all the activities of the target device at all times. Spyine helps the user to track call history and all the text messages on the target phone.

The application is pocket friendly and can be picked up by even those who are not familiar with technological know-how.

To sum it up

Friends, we hope this post helped you learn about the 5 best Android keyloggers. These applications have a lot to offer and each is unique in its list of features. So the next time you wish to keep a tab on someone, you can easily find out what they have been up to using the above-mentioned spyware applications.

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