The modern world is almost meaningless without access to the internet and all of our favourite websites and apps. We need access to our Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp (of course), and our preferred blog or news website. How about banks that require an internet connection to perform even the most basic functions like checking your account balance or buying airtime for calls? Internet/data subscription therefore has become one of our basic human needs.

Unfortunately for most of us however, it is 2019 and we still have to pay so much for so little data! Sigh.

But Mighty Data is here to put an end to all that pain and misery.


What is Mighty Data?

Mighty Data is brought to you by Mighty Interactive Limitedand offers data bundles that are cheaper than what you can get directly from the network.

Our Do More motto means we empower individuals and businesses to get all the benefits of the internet at very little cost. Mighty Data will work on all your devices, all networks and for all phone numbers.

Unlike other cheap data solutions that require cheats or special network codes and activation, Mighty Data is very easy to use and is completely legal.

Using Mighty Data services, you can subscribe for yourself, your family and friends easily using just a few taps on the Mighty Data Top-Up App.

Features of the Mighty Data Top-Up App

The Mighty Data Top-Up App is available on the Google Playstore. Visit the link to download or click the button below:

google playstore

When you open the app, you will be presented with a list of available data networks. Pick your choice and select the particular data bundle you want.

mightydata phone

Put in the phone number you want the data on and choose ‘Save’. You can choose ‘Buy More’ in the pop-up that comes up afterwards or ‘Proceed to Cart’ if you don’t need more data.

Please verify that the details on the cart are accurate then select ‘Buy Now’. You may be asked for your phone number through which we can reach you if there is an issue with your request. Enter it and choose ‘Save’.

Make payment and a very short while after that, you will receive your data bundle.

It’s so fast and easy.

Mighty Data Support


If you have any issues during the purchase of your data bundle, or you have any questions whatsoever, worry not. Mighty Data Customer Service is available 24/7 every single day including public holidays. We are always here for you.

For bulk purchases or partnerships, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us via:

Phone – 07033044456, 09097619649.

Website –

Email – [email protected]

Make Money with Mighty Data

make money

The Mighty Data platform is open to anyone or organization who will like to earn extra income by reselling Mighty Data. You can easily sell Mighty Data bundles to your own customers with a good profit margin. Our service is fast, easy to use and available to all.

To get started, visit

Don’t Use Android?

The Mighty Data Top-Up App is still the best and easiest way to use the Mighty Data platform, but the app is only available on Android for now. For everyone else, like iPhone and desktop users, the Mighty Data website is available for your use. Simply follow any of the links below to get your data:

Mighty Data:

MTN Data Bundles:

Airtel Data Bundles:

Glo Data Bundles:

9mobile Data Bundles:

Connect With Mighty Data!

Whether you are a current Mighty Data customer or not, you can connect with Mighty Data on one of our various online platforms. We post interesting stuff and periodically do giveaways and promotions for our loyal followers.





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